Brexiteer Jonathan Saxty “we see the EU’s united front disintegrate before our eyes”

UK – EU Trade Negotiation Talks Continue

Discussions on a trade deal with EU continue next week regardless of coronavirus-enforced lockdown

We are leaving the EU

No delay! Brexit WILL happen on December 31 – coronavirus won’t block EU exit

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Fishermen attack British fishermen

Here’s why Boris Johnson is standing firm on fisheries.

David lammy want trade negotiation extension

David Lammy demands an extension to brexit negotiations.

U.K. government will not agree to an extension as round two face to face trade talks are called off.

George eustice

Environment Secretary Mr Eustice: “Holding access to U.K. fisheries is a powerful card to have” in these negotiations.

Eu ambassador

EU ambassador to the U.K. warns the corona virus could majorly disrupt the timetable for negotiating a possible trade deal

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson responds to EU Commission President Von De Leyen…We are clear “We want a Canada style Free Trade Agreement”

Sophy ridge

Can you see a situation where you may extend the brexit transition period to help businesses?…….NO!

Lbc interview Ed davey

”Go to Michel Barnier and ask for an extension” Ed Davey’s advice to Boris Johnson

Sparks are set to fly as the EU and U.K. are set to battle over fishing grounds.

Here’s why we the U.K. really do have the whip hand in these coming negotiations.

Fishermen attack British fishermen

French demand access into U.K. fishing waters so they can pile in with their factory ships and vacuum up our fish…