EU – UK negotiations break down once again, but this time there’s a hint we’re leaving on WTO.

Merkel isn’t happy, as Boris Johnson gives a personal reminder “The UK equally would be ready to leave the transition period on Australia terms”.

Barnier starts backpedaling on fisheries as he admits EU demands “clearly not” balanced.

EU COMMISSIONER – Do the UK even want a deal? “I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side”

VIDEO MERKEL – “We must prepare ourselves for there being NO DEAL”

Merkel demands “more realism” from the UK, if a deal is to be done.

Macron will be furious as Barnier is set to break redlines on fisheries in the autumn.

French MEP takes a swipe at Barnier, labelling him a “cold EU technocrat”.

No Deal has momentum, EU redlines harden.

EU Commission President confirms UK will leave the EU on 31st December 2020 with or without a deal.

BREXIT – EU – UK negotiators meet for a high level summit today.

Brussels urge businesses to prepare for a No Deal exit.

If eurocrats dont change their demands, David Frost told to walk away from discussions.

EU negotiators wanted Britain to be subservient rather than reasonable

No Deal Brexit, at an all time high.

Sir Bill Cash tackles the EU, EXPOSING contradictions in their negotiation stance.

EU IN PANIC – Fourth round of trade talks DEADLOCKED – No progress made.

Theresa May questions Boris Johnson on Brexit negotiations

Daniel Hannan Exposes Barnier poker face method: “The EU has locked itself into a position that was designed not to get the best result for its 27 members, but to stop Brexit.”

Sadiq Khan demands Boris to seek an extension with the EU.