EU negotiators demand the UK to sign to their “level playing field” agenda, for better deal on financial services.

Daniel Hannan Exposes Barnier poker face method: “The EU has locked itself into a position that was designed not to get the best result for its 27 members, but to stop Brexit.”

Michel Barneir mocks UK negotiators: “we will not make any progress if the British continue to pick raisins”

EU negotiator ridicules Britain: “The UK Government are underestimating the real consequence of leaving the European Union”

NEW VIDEO: UK trade negotiator David Frost confirms on camera, UK “WILL NOT” be accepting any request, nor will the UK extend negotiations beyond the year end deadline.

EU’s Ms Rutter labels UK Chief negotiator David Frost a “whiny child complaining that the big kid isn’t playing by the rules”.

READ THE TWO LETTERS – EU Chief negotiator and UK Chief negotiator clash in their response to the negotiations

UK Brexit negotiator David Frost believes in Brexit “I’ve never seen Michel Barnier so angry as he was after last weeks Brexit talks”

Pro EU MPs from all different parties, have united behind a letter, sent to Barnier saying: “A consensus is taking shape” pushing for an extension.

UK Trade negotiator hits back at the EU “lt is hard to understand why the EU insists on an ideological approach which makes it more difficult to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

EU brings in a false middle man, hoping the UK accepts a “level playing field”.

Barnier seeks Mercy by the British through threat.

Barnier’s bid for a “level playing field” is falling apart.

Barnier hints once again for Britain to extend.

Mark Francois speaks out after Barnier threatens No Deal unless a long-term solution is found on fisheries.

Mr Barnier hits out at Boris Johnson in an online news conference.

Sparks are set to fly as the EU and U.K. are set to battle over fishing grounds.