French fishing boats attack British Fishermen with flairs and projectiles.

BBC reporters demeaning view – British Fishermen don’t want all the fish, they just want a slightly better deal.

French Europe minister – “Our fishermen will not be a bargaining chip for Brexit. They will not have to pay the price for Britain’s choices.”

EU stance on fisheries crumble as Barnier tells the ambassadors of the EU27 “Maintaining the status quo in UK waters will not be feasible,”.

Does this leaked framework document on fisheries expose the EU for wanting control, rather than seeking a free trade deal with the U.K.?

Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations – “We haven’t really had a response” regarding the three year fishing transition period offered by the UK to the EU.

DISAPPOINTED – Britain has offered the EU a three year transition period on fisheries.

EU hypocrisy – Barnier’s claim that fish in British sovereign waters are not Britains, is in violation of international law.

German MEP quizzed over fisheries. Norway have annual quotas, why can’t Britain? What’s the difference?

“Leaving the Common Fisheries Policy has always been about redressing a fundamental issue: the woefully unfair allocation of quota shares in our waters” – Joint statement from SFF and NFFO on Brexit negotiations.

EU FURY – Over Britains post Brexit fishing plans – “Barnier cannot budge while this stays on the table. He would be crucified.”

German Minister demands agreement on fisheries under “common resources” or there will be no deal.

UK Fisherman hits back – When has a coastal state accepted that a trade deal with another nation includes having free access to its natural resources. “ That’s just not an accepted norm”

Britains fishing industry is set to BOOM post Brexit.

Fear grows as “Mad” French Fishermen threaten to blockade all access to goods and people between Britain and France from Transition period end date.

Former Brexit Party MEP – After Brexit Boris should “ban supertrawlers, increase quotas for British fishermen” this would “re-energise our coastal communities” and economy.

UNBELIEVABLE – The French have 84% of the Cod quota from British waters. EU gives Britain given just 9%.

Fisheries – Macron: “If we don’t receive the same access as now, we will look for compensation”

MPs sign a cross party letter in an effort to ban super trawlers from fishing in Britains Marine Preservation Areas

British Fisherman, Paul Lines states Britains fishing industry “could be the best industry in the world if it is done properly.”