Guy Verhofstadt defends EUs handling of the Coronavirus

Paris in shut down

It’s crunch time for the EU

EU struggles to find financial stability /// “If the balance tips in favour of national positions, that could kill the EU.”

SHOCKING: German banks earned Billions in profits off the Greek debt crisis’ while Greeks suffered.

EU Parliament told to use MEPs’ £1million weekly expenses to fund vital medical supplies

Macron Warns Coronavirus Could Be Death of European Union

Paris and Madrid accused of exploiting the death toll to affix the so-called” “corona bonds”


SNP Call on Boris Johnson to extend transition period using coved-19 for the reason.

Boris has the upper hand in the coming trade negotiations

EU scramble to gain upper hand on fisheries…

With solidarity being ruled out, Is this the end of the EU?

Eu ambassador

EU ambassador to the U.K. warns the corona virus could majorly disrupt the timetable for negotiating a possible trade deal

Worried EU///“If the EU crashes and burns with the euro, the UK will sit there with a smiling face and say ‘lucky we left’.”

Reports say “Shot’s fired at Migrants by Greek and Turkish security forces”

Michel Barnier euro news

REVEALED // Brussels Fear Boris Johnson’s Westminster majority as talks commence today.

Europe has given Turkey keys to its back door by signing Migration deal. Guy Verhofstadt.

Reports allegedly state Migrants are being helped on by Turkey as they arrive on EU shores…

The EU have fallen into their own trap and they legally haven’t a leg to stand on…

After Brexit – EU’s Barnier warns UK: No trade deal if there is no access to UK fishing waters

U.K. us trade deal

UK “prepared to walk if this deal isn’t in the national interest”

EU expect the U.K. to adhere to EU rules in new EU trade deal terms.