Brussels in panic as perfect storm is brewing for “ITALEXIT”.

VIDEO – Trump pulls US troops, Germany are in PANIC – “We’re not paying for their security no more” they need to pay up.

Britain left the EU in the “nick of time”. EU superstate integration has been supercharged by the new £1.8 Trillion EU budget.

EU leaders are world apart over how a Trillion Euro will be spent.

Footage shows masked men slashing and destroying migrant boats, in the middle of the sea, off the Greek shores.

Lega Leader Salvini slams the EU: “Europe has been making fun of us for months, if not for years. All the money they promised us are Monopoly money that might arrive next year.”

French economist shines reality on the EU bailout “facing such a devastating crisis, it’s not going to be enough”

Remainer CEO of Ryanair complains to the EU commission over state bailout of Lufthansa.

German economy tanks.

Mr Varoufakis – “Europe is just as healthy as its sickest resident, only as prosperous as its most bankrupted”

EU Divisions widen, as former MEP said “the best solution would be for Italy to leave the Eurozone”

Massive contraction in the German Economy, making alarm bells ring in the EU

Nigel Farage “Under Merkel its full steam ahead for a United States of Europe. Thank goodness we left”

Worries that funds for the common agricultural policy will be raided to reboot European Economy.

Found translated document from 1942 revealing shocking information about the origins of the EU.

Political fragmentation is intensifying in the EU.

EU TORN “either we all sink or we all float.”

EU has awful record of managing crises! Hungarian MEP warns EU bosses, “Euro currency at risk!”

Bulgaria’s MEP Angel Dzhambazki publicly slams EU commission in the European Parliament over coronavirus

Illegal migration into the EU increases by 26%