Head of Detention Action promotes Priti Patel as a Neo-Fascist and states those who cross the Channel in small boats are not breaking the law.

Jeremy Corbyn rants about Britain being a place of safety for “refugees” who land on the Kent coast.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS: Multiple boats have been brought to Dover including Border force seeker carrying 100 illegal migrants.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Army barracks shouldn’t be used to house illegal migrants they should be used to house the homeless.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage EXPOSES THE FRENCH as they continue to dump illegal migrants in British Waters.

MOD offers use of Napier Ex Military Barracks to house illegal migrant that cross the English Channel.

CRISIS CONTINUES – Nearly 80 migrants made it to Britain illegally by English Channel yesterday.

Diane Abbott said Britain “wouldn’t be able to act effectively” on the illegal channel crossings if Britain left the EU on No Deal.

Former Royal Commando and new Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O’Mahoney said stopping illegal migrants crossing the channel coming to Britain is “easier said than done”.

NEW RECORD – A huge amount of illegal migrants have crossed the English Channel making it to Britain since Monday.

EU overwhelmingly reject Britains plan to stop migrants crossing the Channel entering Britain illegally.

VIDEO – Sir Gerald Howarth explains in detail “how incredibly appalled and frustrated Priti Patel is” over the Channel crisis.

A 16 year old Sudanese boy found washed up near Calais after attempting to cross the English Channel into Britain.

UNBELIEVABLE – Lib Dem councillor claims the situation in the Channel is “NOT A CRISIS”.

Boris, People are saying it’s time to walk the talk, you need to start defending Britains borders.

“This is a £1million-a-day industry of people smugglers” Richard Tice blasts the government of the Channel Crisis.

VIDEO – Hundreds of migrant boats found stacked up in Dover.

CHANNEL CRISIS UPDATE – So far today 4 illegal migrant boats brought into Dover.

MIGRANT CRISIS – A man chases after multiple illegal migrants who try to escape authorities. Police then threaten to arrest the man for breach of peace.

Channel Migrant Crisis Update – Multiple boats brought into Dover, one boat had 22 illegal migrants onboard.