VIDEO – Trump continues to clamp down on child traffickers as Eleven MS-13 members arrested over Child sex trafficking.

VIDEO – President Trump releases OBAMAGATE video with the title “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. DOJ labels its findings into Obama spying on Trump as “BREATHTAKING”.

Trump vows to take down human traffickers, giving $35 million to organisations who help the recovery of survivors.

VIDEO – Truth uncovered – We investigate Sky News claims after claiming protesters in Portland US are peaceful.

NEW VIDEO – Donald Trump battle’s one on one with the mainstream media.

Endgame of ‘Those Who Seek to Erase Our Heritage’ – Donald Trump

VIDEO – Trump opens up about General Flynn and Deep State Corruption on national TV.

VIDEO – US Portland Police smash Antifa, as they take back the streets from rioters.

VIDEO – Here’s the moment Seattle’s Police took back their Police department sending BLM and Antifa running.

AG Barr Press Conference: US Political criminal gangs who tried to provoke confrontations for mass unrest, foiled.

US PRESS SECRETARY: Burning down a church that supported the civil rights movement doesn’t Honour George Floyd.

Trump vows to take back the streets as 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force is activated.

Boris Johnson – “Huawei deal is going to be significantly scaled back”

US President devastates the World Health Organisation with this letter…

FAKE NEWS EXPOSED – “Hydroxychloroquine will kill you”say the Mainstream Media as they attack Trump.

VIDEO – McEnany Lays Out Alleged Crimes of ‘Obamagate’ for the FAKE NEWS media

Obama hits out at Trump, in a video, after Trump tweets “OBAMAGATE”

Trump is right – Fake News Media Exposed

Donald Trump calls out World Health Organisation. “They should be ashamed of themselves”

The Media go for Trump with their false disinfectant narrative.