Piers Morgan claims “Trump has been found out” and will lose the coming Presidential elections.

VIDEO – Heated debate. Republicans and a Democrat verbally thrash it out.

This is why the American people love Trump.

Nigel Farage defends Trump Don’t write him off “it’s not over”.

TRUMP ADDRESSES THE NATION – I’m feeling much better – I’m taking therapeutics and they work like a miracle.

Donald Trump gives a message before departing to hospital “I’m doing very well”

Trump has been taken to hospital – Trumps in good spirits.

DISGUSTING – Former aid to Hillary Clinton and Obama staffer Tweets: “I hope he (Trump) dies.”

POWERFUL MESSAGE – Actor Jon Voight comes out in support of Trump saying “The left will bring you down with their lies and Destroy America.”

Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus “but are well and they plan to remain at home within the White House”

BOMBSHELL DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS RELEASED – Hillary and Obama caught red handed in the setting up the FAKE RUSSIAN SCANDAL.

Strategist to Trump states tonight clash between Trump and Biden will be a “blood bath”

Portland, US, looking like a war zone due to Anarchists destroying the town.

VIDEO – Trump continues to clamp down on child traffickers as Eleven MS-13 members arrested over Child sex trafficking.

VIDEO – President Trump releases OBAMAGATE video with the title “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. DOJ labels its findings into Obama spying on Trump as “BREATHTAKING”.

Trump vows to take down human traffickers, giving $35 million to organisations who help the recovery of survivors.

VIDEO – Truth uncovered – We investigate Sky News claims after claiming protesters in Portland US are peaceful.

NEW VIDEO – Donald Trump battle’s one on one with the mainstream media.

Endgame of ‘Those Who Seek to Erase Our Heritage’ – Donald Trump

VIDEO – Trump opens up about General Flynn and Deep State Corruption on national TV.

VIDEO – US Portland Police smash Antifa, as they take back the streets from rioters.

VIDEO – Here’s the moment Seattle’s Police took back their Police department sending BLM and Antifa running.

AG Barr Press Conference: US Political criminal gangs who tried to provoke confrontations for mass unrest, foiled.

US PRESS SECRETARY: Burning down a church that supported the civil rights movement doesn’t Honour George Floyd.

Trump vows to take back the streets as 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force is activated.

Boris Johnson – “Huawei deal is going to be significantly scaled back”

US President devastates the World Health Organisation with this letter…

FAKE NEWS EXPOSED – “Hydroxychloroquine will kill you”say the Mainstream Media as they attack Trump.

VIDEO – McEnany Lays Out Alleged Crimes of ‘Obamagate’ for the FAKE NEWS media

Obama hits out at Trump, in a video, after Trump tweets “OBAMAGATE”

Trump is right – Fake News Media Exposed

Donald Trump calls out World Health Organisation. “They should be ashamed of themselves”