EU propaganda machine disrespects Boris claiming “Boris only did this to save face”, it’s “political pantomime”.

BRILLIANT – Boris hits back at those who say he’s lost his mojo labelling it as “self-evident drivel”.

Boris Johnson rallies his supporters with his latest tweet.

Boris is being urged to pull the withdrawal agreement and replace it with a “sovereign compliant deal”.

Boris rejects EU’s demands for the European court of Justice to be main ruling body over final EU-UK trade deal.

BORIS REFUSES TO BACK DOWN – The EU 27 continue to flog their “Level playing field” policy in hopes the UK caves in as negotiation deadline approaches.

Journalist claims Boris Johnson is “one of the most dangerous Prime Ministers this country has had”.

Boris unleashes a £705 million pound investment on new border controls as we prepare to the exit transition period.

Boris won’t be taking the knee: “I don’t want people to be bullied into doing things that they don’t necessarily want to do.”

Merkel – Boris needs to be “more flexible” in these negotiations.

STATEMENT – Boris Johnson “I am delighted to appoint David Frost as my next National Security Adviser.”

Boris states we need to get “maximum value for the British taxpayer” as he scraps Foreign aid department.

Blackford goes all doomsayer after UK refuses to seek an extension.

BREXIT – EU – UK negotiators meet for a high level summit today.

Boris steps in “Many people in Hong Kong fear that their way of life is under threat – Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulders and walk away”

SNP MP loses it, goes on a political rant, Frothing at the mouth. Boris says MOVE ON!

Boris Johnson – “Huawei deal is going to be significantly scaled back”

OPINION – People are angry and rightly so. But why are the government being cautious on its response to the crisis in the English Channel?

UK Brexit negotiator David Frost believes in Brexit “I’ve never seen Michel Barnier so angry as he was after last weeks Brexit talks”

Party doner applies pressure on Boris Johnson to extend negotiation talks.