Conservative MP – “Our fishing waters are ours, palms off.”

When the government has an 80 seat majority, why is this crisis in the English Channel happening?

Brexit researcher suggests: EU jurisdiction in Northern Ireland will become the “default rather than the fall-back” post-Brexit.

BRILLIANT – BBC U-TURN – New director general of the BBC overturns the decision to silence of Rule Britannia and Land of hope and glory at the Proms – They will now be sung.

NEW RECORD – A huge amount of illegal migrants have crossed the English Channel making it to Britain since Monday.

EU needs Britain to sign up to anti sovereign “Level playing field” terms to keep control over the UK post Brexit.

LIVE POLL – As votes are being cast in America we ask “Who do you want to see win the US election?”

CONFIRMED – Even after four years of delaying brexit the vast majority of people still want a WTO rules exit from the current trade negotiations

German Minister demands agreement on fisheries under “common resources” or there will be no deal.

LIVE POLL – How would you like to see Britain exit UK – EU trade talks? – Have your say.

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott states a deal between UK and should be in place with Australia “as of January 1st next year” on goods, entirely free of quotas and tariffs.

Emmanuel Macron tries to threaten Britain “without a fisheries agreement; there can be no trade deal.”

People have spoken, we should call it a day and head to the exit on WTO just like we originally voted.

UNBELIEVABLE – Chief of the British Library states “racism is a creation of white people” whilst pushing for “Major Cultural change”and “Decolonisation” with in the library.

Richard Tice – “There’s still a possibility of no deal. I am completely relaxed about no deal.”

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said he is “highly likely” to opt for the decriminalisation of the BBC license fee.

Priti Patel is said to be planning a significant overhaul of asylum laws to prevent meddling leftie lawyers stopping deportations.

Canada’s Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne suggests Brussels will give into Boris Johnson’s Brexit demands “in the last few hours” of their talks.

UK Fisherman hits back – When has a coastal state accepted that a trade deal with another nation includes having free access to its natural resources. “ That’s just not an accepted norm”

Ed Davey and his 10 fellow Lib Dem’s in Parliament say they are committed to STOP a No Deal outcome.