Iain Duncan Smith – The original withdrawal agreement is “dead”.

LIVE POLL – What trade outcome do you want to see from the meeting between Boris and EU commission President in October?.

Boris sends No Deal alarm bells ringing in Brussels, warning Britain will walk without a deal if an agreement isn’t finalised by 15th October 2020.

Ed Davey concedes saying rejoining the EU is “for the birds”.

David Frost goes nuclear on Brussels with overwriting parts of the withdrawal agreement. The UK will not become a “client state” of the EU.

“Leaving the Common Fisheries Policy has always been about redressing a fundamental issue: the woefully unfair allocation of quota shares in our waters” – Joint statement from SFF and NFFO on Brexit negotiations.

Diane Abbott said Britain “wouldn’t be able to act effectively” on the illegal channel crossings if Britain left the EU on No Deal.

French Politician exposes why Britain has the upper hand in these negotiations.

EU Negotiator refuses to take Britain’s threat of walking away seriously.

Former Royal Commando and new Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O’Mahoney said stopping illegal migrants crossing the channel coming to Britain is “easier said than done”.

Nigel Farage – “I think Barnier will concede”on his redlines if Boris is bold in negotiations.

WATCH – Barnier is clearly lost on how to manipulate Britain to the EU way of thinking – Britain is winning in these negotiations.

Tony Abbott’s Former Chief of staff comes out fighting – Tony is ‘absolutely not’ a misogynist.

Heads of the EU 27 states ordered by Barnier to sweet talk Boris into softening his stance on fisheries and state aid subsidies.

EU FURY – Over Britains post Brexit fishing plans – “Barnier cannot budge while this stays on the table. He would be crucified.”

Nigel Farage – Migrant Crisis – Dont wait till the 1st January to “scrap the Dublin regulations” do it now.

Nigel Farage – Support in Boris will “evaporate” if he doesn’t get tough on those who come to Britain illegally.

LIVE POLL – Do you support Tony Abbott representing Britain on Trade post Brexit?

WATCH – US Press Secretary destroys Democrat Speaker of the house Nancy “Do as I say, not as I do”Pelosi.

WATCH – Kay Burley labels Ex Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott “A homophobe and misogynist”.