Peter Mandelson and EU Trade chief Phil Hogan, throw their hats into the ring to be the next head of WTO.

Large crowd outside Downing Street chanting “F**k the police” Antifa flag flying.

French MEP fears fishing concession, reiterating – “No fisheries agreement means no post-Brexit agreement.”

Former Labour adviser – Dominic Cumming saga “entirely about brexit”, then claims more people are going to die from COVID 19 due to “saving Dominic Cummings.”

EU Commission President Ursula Von de Leyen, urges Donald Trump to reconsider his withdrawal from W.H.O.

Remainer Femi labels Donald Trump a “racist piece of Sh**”

LIVE: ‘Justice for George Floyd’ Protest outside US embassy in Berlin

VIDEO – Pro Refugee protest in hits the streets of Paris

Michel Barneir mocks UK negotiators: “we will not make any progress if the British continue to pick raisins”

French economist shines reality on the EU bailout “facing such a devastating crisis, it’s not going to be enough”

EU negotiator ridicules Britain: “The UK Government are underestimating the real consequence of leaving the European Union”


VIDEO – Brexit talks could reach “crisis point” – Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney.

SHOCKING VIDEO’S – Alastair Campbell mocks war veterans and his daughter tributes a video to the Cummings family.

DUP’s Sammy Wilson, tackles SDLP in Northern Ireland, after they blame coronavirus for their latest attempt to push for an extension.

EU Trade Commissioner worried UK is heading for the exit without a deal.

LIVE VIDEO: Riots on the streets of Minneapolis erupt.

NEW VIDEO: UK trade negotiator David Frost confirms on camera, UK “WILL NOT” be accepting any request, nor will the UK extend negotiations beyond the year end deadline.

Remainer CEO of Ryanair complains to the EU commission over state bailout of Lufthansa.

SNP MP loses it, goes on a political rant, Frothing at the mouth. Boris says MOVE ON!