829 illegal migrants have made to British shores since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Nigel Farage wrote to the home office in disgust over the illegal migrants coming to Britain undetected. Here’s what was said.

Ian Blackford labels a No Deal exit a “chilling prospect”.

Remainer Liddington reckons people wouldn’t find it unreasonable to extend negotiations six months or so

EU will crumble under “time pressure” as UK negotiates with both the EU and US for separate trade deals.

Barnier’s connection to the alleged Chinese Covid 19 lab

Reality hits German MEP – UK has continually ruled out the extension option.

Great News – UK and US work towards a trade deal starting on Monday. EU now under pressure.

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Trump is right – Fake News Media Exposed

German Politician blames coronavirus, saying a two-year extension is inevitable.

Brexiteer Mark Francois: “We aren’t happy with China”

Party doner applies pressure on Boris Johnson to extend negotiation talks.

Von der Leyen denies claims that report was altered due to Chinese pressure

Priti Patel in talks to send back migrants who cross the English Channel illegally, potentially without them stepping a foot in Britain.

Donald Trump calls out World Health Organisation. “They should be ashamed of themselves”

UK fishermen not happy. EU super trawlers plunder British waters while UK boats sit idle due to lock down.

Britain gets tough; We are never going to accept a level playing field.

Labour finished? Ipsos Poll suggests Journalists trusted more than Labour.

Massive contraction in the German Economy, making alarm bells ring in the EU