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GET YOUR “ACT TOGETHER” – Priti Patel slams France after more than 1000 illegal migrants crossed into the UK yesterday.

This morning, the British government has had a go at France, saying if they dont get their act together and start picking up illegal migrants around Calais heading for Britain, they will withhold the £54Million set to be given to France. This stern warning from London was after more than…

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New Polling reveals majority of Labour voters are “Ashamed” of Britain.

According to YouGov’s latest polling, more than half of Labour voters think Britain is something to be ashamed of. According to the polling results, only 24 percent of Brits surveyed said they were proud of Britain today. 35% of those questioned thought it was something to be ashamed of, and…


Eyewitnesses say over 1000 illegal migrants have been spotted in the Channel heading for Britain.

It is suggested that today we could see the highest daily number of illegal migrants to come to Britain in one day. The previous record was 828, set on 21 August 2021. Reports suggest that there have been over 1000 illegal migrants spotted in the Channel heading for Britain today,…

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Iain Duncan Smith urges Boris Johnson to get tough on Communist China after they threatened War with Taiwan.

In a debate in the House of Commons regarding the fall out of Afghanistan, Former leader of the Conservatives, Iain Duncan Smith, asked for reassurances from the Prime Minister to show support to Taiwan and its people after it was confirmed the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) sent fighter planes over…

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Dominic Cummings reminds the Tories to remember their manifesto promise of no increase to Tax or National Insurance.

Dominic Cummings yesterday warned Boris Johnson of the consequences of Breaking promises made in a political manifesto.  Taking to Twitter, Cummings said: “Every Tory MP stood on a manifesto promise NOT to put up income tax/NI. The PM personally guaranteed it. If you vote to break your promise you will…

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The threshold for Article 16 has been met – Lord Frost states it’s “simply a statement of fact”

In a speech Lord Frost declared that the threshold for Article 16 implementation has been reached, saying it’s a statement of fact. Mr Frost told the British-Irish Association that: “What we have put on the table is workable and manageable. It may be awkward, it may be unwelcome to some.”…


Brexiteer hits back at Pro EU Professor who said the UK has “very little room for manoeuvre” due to Boris Johnson’s deal signed last December.

Boris Johnson has been warned that any manoeuvring from implementing the Agreement in Northern Ireland could mean the UK being taken to court by the EU. Talks regarding Northern Ireland will be restarting in the coming weeks, and with no talks being held over the summer, its projected discussions might…

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Vaccines Minister states Children could override parents if they want to get the jab after saying parental consent was needed.

Nadhim Zahawi this morning went onto TV saying that Parental consent would be needed for Children between 12 – 15 years old to be vaccinated. Hours later, the Vaccines minister on The Times Radio stated that when jabs are available for that age range, parents can be overruled by their…


LIVE: Trumparilla MAGA Fest Boat Parade in Ft. Myers

A massive Trump boat rally has hit the waters of Florida. WATCH LIVE FROM Ft MYERS.

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Former Irish Diplomat seeks to put a wedge between Dublin and Brussels while renewing the relationship with the UK.

Former Irish Diplomat has today slammed the current and former Irish Taoiseach. Ray Bassett, who took to Twitter to announce that he was putting his name forward to run for the countries Seanad (the Irish version of the House of Lords), has accused the Irish leaders of prioritising the interests…

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Vaccines Minister confirms Covid Passports will be introduced, and parental consent will be needed for 12 – 15 yr old to be vaccinated.

According to the vaccines minister, Sky News has learned that no decision has been made about giving coronavirus jabs to all children aged 12-15 years old. Trevor Phillips interviewed Nadhim Zahawi. He said that parents of children in this age range would have to consent to any rollout. He confirmed…


Residents fight back against Labour-run Wigan Council to halt the destruction of their Town Centre.

Wigan residents are currently fighting back against the Labour-run Wigan council after handing in a petition with over 5000 signatures in an attempt to halt the destruction of their market, spark a debate in council, and let the local people have their say. A recently formed group, “Friends of Wigan…

David Frost meets EU
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Lord Frost tells the EU, Britain doesn’t want “a relationship of subordination.”

The EU has today been told that they’ll have to make “significant and substantial” changes to the Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol if they want to avoid “cold mistrust” with Britain. On Saturday, the Former UK Brexit negotiator Lord Frost told the British-Irish Association that the UK is pressuring Brussels to…

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Anna Soubry enters the EU row sparking a backlash after saying ‘Blame everything on Brexit!’

People have reacted to ANNA SOUBRY using shortages at IKEA to wade into the Brexit row. Former Tory MP, responded to reports last night that the furniture chain was facing product shortages because of Brexit and lorry driver shortages. The so-called liberal claimed that it was proof of Brexit “lies” and…




Julia Hartle-Brewer questions Robert Peston

Peston put on the spot after a debate with JHB on why he asked the government soft questions.

Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer put ITV’s Political Editor on the spot after asking why he never asked the government tough questions through the Pandemic. Robert Peston appeared on the show to promote the fictional book that he had written called “The whistleblower”. Julia then sprung a question onto Peston…

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Welsh Labour push to hammer motorists with a “Drive Tax” on busy roads.

Welsh motorists are outraged over labours “Driver Tax” plans. The Welsh first minister has raised the idea to stick a toll on two of the busiest roads in Wales, all in an effort to bring down air pollution. Welsh motorists took part in a survey where they were asked if…

David Frost negotiates with the EU
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UK leaves Article 16 on the table after Brussels demand the unworkable NI Protocol to be full implemented.

With Customs checks required as part of the EU withdrawal agreement being postponed, London and Brussels have agreed to try and find solutions to the ructions regarding how the Northern Ireland (NI) backstop agreement is implemented. As the UK and EU haven’t met since July, The EU has said the…

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Brexit Battle set to cause rows between Frost and EU as protocol talks restart next week.

BREXIT frictions will explode again this month with little progress made during the summer on clashes over Northern ireland Protocol – We’ve cut out the jargon leaving key bullet points to the story below. Customs checks required as part of the EU withdrawal agreement have been postponed. London and Brussels…

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Orban tells leaders, “Migration Must be stopped” if the cultural image of Europe is to survive.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban told a forum of leaders in Slovenia that “Migration Must be stopped” if the EU is to preserve its cultural heritage. Orban said that bringing in people from Muslim nations does nothing to help the continent’s demographic. During the forum debate, Mr Orban said: “We do…

Neil Kinnock throws his weight behind Keir Starmer
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DESPERATION – Labour wheel out Neil Kinnock in an effort to build support behind Keir Starmer.

Today, Neil Kinnock has thrown his weight behind Starmer. Doing so, May have put the party against him even more. Kinnock has come out saying Keir has the intelligence, maturity, resilience and courage as party leader. Kinnock May say Keir has all these qualities on paper when In reality, the…

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Starmer hopes his Labour all-star lineup, including Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan, will woo voters enough to vote Labour.

A crisis has hit the Labour leader Keir Starmer after his approval rating fell through the floor. Even promises of bringing the Labour Party back to the center has failed. According to a new report by a Labour think tank, Starmer is being urged to address the approval gap by…

Today GB News presenter Patrick Christy asked if it was time for a new political party to emerge? My honest opinion is yes. Ever since we went into lockdown, our rights and freedoms have slowly been eroded even to the point where parental consent to jab your child may not be needed. Amongst all this, the opposition party, Labour, have either gone along with the government while having a go at them from the sidelines during Prime Ministers Questions, or sat on their hands silently, letting the government of the day do what they want. Whatever your opinion on this, surely we are in this position because the opposition is so inept at being an effective opposition. Patrick Christys is right; people are more disenfranchised with the two top parties, which leaves a massive void to fill. This is why I believe a new party may be the only way the people are listened to. What're your thoughts on this? Leave your comments and reaction below.
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Patrick Christys rips into Labour exposing how useless they’ve been as a political opposition.

Today GB News presenter Patrick Christy asked if it was time for a new political party to emerge? My honest opinion is yes. Ever since we went into lockdown, our rights and freedoms have slowly been eroded even to the point where parental consent to jab your child may not…

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HERO – Former British Solider arrested by the Taliban after trying to evacuated 400 people from Afghanistan.

A former British soldier has today been arrested by the Taliban after he was doing his best to evacuate 400 Afghans, including 50 staff members left behind by the British government. Ben Slater, 37, was thrown into prison and questioned by the Taliban regarding those he was trying to get…

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Thomas Guy Hospital Foundation cower to the woke. Statue to be removed and relocated.

It was confirmed by those who run London’s Guy’s Hospital charitable foundation that plans are now in place to remove and relocate the statue of Thomas Guy to a more “less prominent” place. Even though 75 percent of those who voiced their opinion in an online consultation wanted the statue…