Jim Davidson doesn’t hold back with his reaction to the BLM Dance from Diversity.

EU FUMING – Gove refuses to backdown to EU demands saying, we will not be withdrawing legislation.

UK HAS UPPER HAND – EU threaten court action while rejecting to walk from the negotiations because they are desperate for a deal.

EU ON THE ROPES – Conservative MP Sir John Redwood says “the EU are finding it difficult to adjust to the idea that they can’t boss us around anymore”.

Full Statement from UK negotiator David Frost – Trade negotiations were unsuccessful.

EU Commission President is said to be furious as Brexiteer politicians tell Boris to shutdown talks and head to the exit on WTO.

EU threaten court action against the UK over Boris rewriting parts of the withdrawal agreement.

Nigel Farage – The deal sold to us last autumn was rotten, but the government have now come to its senses.

BREXIT LATEST – If Britain broke international law, the EU could do absolutely nothing about it.

STOP BREXIT Sturgeon labels the British Government “the most reckless and unprincipled” in her lifetime after Boris rewrote the withdrawal agreement.

LIVE POLL – Do you support Boris Johnson’s new COVID-19 social restrictions?

UNBELIEVABLE – Andrea Leadsom’s interview gets terminated after she exposes the EU and Stephen Kinnock on national TV.

EU Parliament President threatens Britain of “serious consequences” if there is any attempt to undermined the Withdrawal agreement.

Welsh Labour and Scottish SNP join forces to label the British Government undemocratic as details of the rewritten withdrawal agreement get released today.

Swedish Eurosceptic slams EU negotiator Michel Barnier, labelling him “aggressive” and a failure who “isn’t up to the job”.

UNBELIEVABLE – German MEP labels Britain a “Rogue state” for standing up to the EU, saying the days of the British empire are long gone.

Labour MP Dawn Butler stumbles and stutters her interview after being asked if she supported Rule Britannia and Land of hope and glory being reinstated at the proms

German MEP quizzed over fisheries. Norway have annual quotas, why can’t Britain? What’s the difference?

Guy Verhofstadt demands Boris to revert back to the original withdrawal agreement, or face painful implications.

EU threatens to walk from today’s trade negotiations in protest over Britain rewriting key parts of the withdrawal agreement.