Nigel Farage was right. UK BLM go fund me page says it wants the “abolition of the police”

AG Barr Press Conference: US Political criminal gangs who tried to provoke confrontations for mass unrest, foiled.

Brussels urge businesses to prepare for a No Deal exit.

New York police union boss Mike O’Meara slams fake news media. Stop treating police officers as “animals and thugs.”

Penny Mordaunt sends Barnier in a panic after saying “no point” in striking a last-minute agreement

If eurocrats dont change their demands, David Frost told to walk away from discussions.

Mr Michel BARNIER, Brexit EU Chief Negotiator. Copyright: European Union Event: Special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50)

EU negotiator, Barnier, was found trying to pull a fast one on Britain

GREAT NEWS – UK and Japan are now in talks to sign a deal by the end of the year

Michel Barnier appears to believe he is the referee when he is a player on the pitch.

EU negotiators wanted Britain to be subservient rather than reasonable

EU set to lose a fortune on fisheries, as Britains set to reclaim its waters.

No Deal Brexit, at an all time high.

Police attacked, Politicians breaking rules, attempted burning of our nations flag at cenotaph, statues desecrated and destroyed. Has mob rule won?

Sir Bill Cash tackles the EU, EXPOSING contradictions in their negotiation stance.

Barnier infuriated, accusing Britain of backtracking in these negotiations.

DISGUSTING – Churchill’s statue at Westminster Vandalised on D-Day by protesters.

BARNIER ISNT HAPPY – Boris refuses to sign a substandard deal, that doesn’t respect the future independence of Britain.

EU IN PANIC – Fourth round of trade talks DEADLOCKED – No progress made.

OPINION – Barry Gardiner attempts an apology letter on why he broke social distancing rules.

LONDON MAN ARRESTED – Female news reporter screams, left devastated in tears, live on TV, after a man shouted “Allahu Akbar” threatening to stab her as she’s assaulted.