Antifa and BLM Protesters topple and burn statue of Confederate general Albert Pike in DC.

Livestream – Black Lives Matter Protest in London.

Joint statement from Foreign Secretary and German Foreign Minister following bilateral meeting in Berlin

EU fishermen beg UK government for mercy, as they seek unrestricted access into fishing waters along with same quotas.

Labour councillor and TEACHER, openly claimed kids need their “Marxist” teachers to prevent them from being claimed by “far-right propaganda” with their parents at home.

A century old George Washington statue pulled down, destroyed and desecrated by Antifa

VIDEO – 12 illegal migrants brought to shore by border force this morning.

Mainstream Media in mass liberal meltdown over Dominic Raab’s comments on taking the knee.

PM announces MBEs for veterans of the French Resistance, recognising their role defending the UK and France in WWII

UK builds the worlds largest and first commercial liquid battery facility, creating 200 New Jobs in Trafford Park Manchester.

Barnier isnt happy – “The UK is cherry picking the best bits”

Government considers putting a law in place to protect statues and war memorials.

EU start to cave in. Bear bones deal now concidered an option.

45 Illegal Migrants make it across the English Channel today.

Boris states we need to get “maximum value for the British taxpayer” as he scraps Foreign aid department.

Blackford goes all doomsayer after UK refuses to seek an extension.

EU commission President acknowledges EU vessels will not have automatic rights to UK fishing grounds.

No Deal has momentum, EU redlines harden.

EU Commission President confirms UK will leave the EU on 31st December 2020 with or without a deal.

BREXIT – EU – UK negotiators meet for a high level summit today.