Afghan interpreters who put their lives on the line to help British Troops are going to be given help to relocate to Britain.

Brexiteer Dr Liam Fox makes it to round two in a bid to become the next World Trade Organisation Director General.

BREXIT – Former Brexit Party MEP, Alex Phillips triggers Remainer Femi Oluwole after saying “the EU is the most anti democratic institution I have ever seen”

LIVE POLL – Ed Davey says the government should shift focus away from Brexit onto tackling coronavirus.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Army barracks shouldn’t be used to house illegal migrants they should be used to house the homeless.

SHOCKING – Ben Habib states UK negotiator David Frost offered the EU 50% Quota on fish in UK waters.

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said Boris should bin the Withdrawal Agreement as it was constructed under “DURESS” to benefit the EU.

A report by an ex diplomat suggests “Brandon Lewis made his remarks about breaking international law on instructions from someone else.” “Possibly Barnier or Merkel”

Great progress is being made on a multi-billion pound Trade deal between US – UK.

Polish MEP trashes EU Commission Presidents State of the Union speech saying: “As usual behind sanctimoniousness there is hypocrisy.”

EU Commission Chief – “With every day that passes, the chances of a timely agreement do start to fade,”

UNBELIEVABLE – US Democrat Nancy Pelosi threatens Britain with “No US trade deal” if we do not stand by our International agreements.

Jim Davidson reaffirms that he stands by his rant against the BLM Dance by Diversity even after vile WOKE backlash on Twitter.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage EXPOSES THE FRENCH as they continue to dump illegal migrants in British Waters.

SHOCKING – EU Commission President quotes Margaret Thatcher as a dig at Boris in her state of the Union Speech.

Brexiteer Kate Hoey – Any MP who votes against the Internal Market Bill doesn’t care about Northern Ireland.

MOD offers use of Napier Ex Military Barracks to house illegal migrant that cross the English Channel.

BBC presenter is visibly annoyed as Brexiteer Lord Lilley unloads the truth on national TV about the EU.

SHOCKING – BBC try to label those who are angry about the migrant crisis in Dover as racist.

CRISIS CONTINUES – Nearly 80 migrants made it to Britain illegally by English Channel yesterday.