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Today’s election in Norway is akin to a “mini-Brexit,” with eurosceptic parties competing for power.

With anti-Brussels lawmakers gaining traction ahead of today’s national elections, a new wave of euroskepticism could be unleashed in Norway. The country heads to the polls today, and one of the primary discussion issues will be the country’s relationship with the European Union, as well as the future of oil…

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Under a false name, an Afghan immigrant suspected of raping and killing a 13-year-old girl in Austria slipped into Britain aboard a Channel boat.

Just weeks after being accused of gang rape and murdering a 13-year-old girl, an Afghan suspected killer managed to enter Britain under a fictitious name.  After it was revealed yesterday that Rasuili Zubaidullah, 22, had crossed the Channel in a boat carrying refugees and claimed asylum under a false name,…

Boro's Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon
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In the spirit of “Cooperation”, Nicola Sturgeon will ask the UK Government to consent to a second Scottish independence vote.

To allow another referendum on Scottish independence, Scotland’s First Minister will tell SNP members today that “democracy must – and will – prevail.” Ms Sturgeon, who is set to deliver the SNP conference’s closing speech soon before lunchtime, is likely to announce that she aims to pursue a second referendum…

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Brexiteer labels Remainers at who hijacked the BBC’s Last Night of the Proms – “FLAGSHA**ERS!”

Remainiac MEP and supporter of the EU superstate Guy Verhofstadt has been labelled a FlagSh***er by a Brexiteer who reacted to Guy boasting about seeing the hijacking of BBC Last Night of the Proms by remoaners who flew the EU flag in protest to leaving the EU. The Eurofedralist spoke…

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Reform UK leader slams Boris Johnson – “How can you trust a word these people say?”

In a rant on TalkRADIO, the current Reform UK leader Richard Tice slammed Boris Johnson and his Government over hitting small businesses and Tradespeople with a tax increase to National Insurance and dividends. Richard Tice questioned how the money from the biggest Tax increase in 60 years would reduce waiting…

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PROTOCOL – Loyalist activist warns “people are fed up with the hostile Irish Government.”

Editor of the Unionist Voice warned against fully implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, saying it would cause “chaos on the streets”. Jamie Bryson, who is a loyalist activist, has stated the NI Protocol could cause a “serious threat to peace and security” in Northern Ireland. Bryson went on to say…

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CONFIRMED – Vaccine passports will not be going ahead.

This morning on the BBC Andrew Marr show Sajid Javid was asked about vaccine passports and if they would be implemented in the united kingdom? The Health Secretary made it clear that though covid passports will be kept in reserve, Covid Passports will not be going ahead this winter.

Covi / vaccine passports scrapped by Boris Johnson
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SCRAPPED – Vaccine Passports gone for winter.

Boris Johnson will announce that he has cancelled plans that would have required vaccination passports to enter nightclubs, cinemas, and sports grounds. The prime minister will announce his plans Tuesday to control Covid over the winter. He will announce that he has decided to abandon the compulsory certification scheme, which…


Clashes on the streets of France. Organised group of people attack Freedom protesters.

Reports suggest an organised group of people started to attack peaceful people taking part in the freedom protest in Paris. Some have asked if they were professional provocateurs trying to cause violence to shut down the march. What’re your thoughts?

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PODCAST – Was this the new normal that we were promised?

With the government pushing for COVID passports regardless of whether people want them or not, it does make you think. Was the new normal spoken about many months ago always the start of the push for the covid/ Health passports? Was that always the aim? I say this because what…

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SHOW SOME RESPECT – Government Minister Slams Churchill Fellowship for erasing Winston Churchill’s name.

Yesterday, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden took to the airwaves on LBC to blast ‘The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’, now known as ‘The Churchill Fellowship’ after they erased Winston first name from the Charity title. The newly named Churchill fellowship replaced the Wartime PM’s historic achievement with a statement condemning Churchill’s…

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Boris Johnson’s support falls in the polls as Labour take the lead for the first time since 2019. 

It’s worrying time for the Conservatives after a new poll conducted this week by YouGov showed Labour had taken the lead for the first time since 2019.  It’s believed that this week’s rapid loss in support for the Tories was down to the 1.25% tax hike in National Insurance and…

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Merkel left red-faced after Polish President palms off meeting with the German leader.

On the final visit to Poland before she steps down as German Chancellor, Merkel was given the cold shoulder by the Polish President Andrzej Duda. A local news outlet reported the Polish President refused to meet up with Merkel in Warsaw on Saturday on her last trip before she steps…

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Europhile Michel Barnier SHOCKS BRUSSELS after saying France should “no longer be subject to the rulings of the CJEU or the ECHR”.

In a move that some would say was hypocritical, former EU Brexit Negotiator and the man who tried to stop Brexit Michel Barnier has said that he would like to see a referendum on French “Legal Sovereignty” from EU courts. This move comes after Michel Barnier threw his hat into…

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CHANNEL CRISIS – Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral slams the French: we “shouldn’t be putting up with such an irresponsible neighbour”.

In a GB News interview with Nigel Farage, Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Chris Parry stated he would tackle the current Migrant Crisis in a very different way to the way it’s being handled currently. The Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral’s remarks came after the current Home Secretary said she…


The Winston Churchill Charity returns picture with new statement after mass backlash from erasing his name and photo. 

Yesterday, Number 10 kicked off after the Winston Churchill Charity decided it was a great idea to remove the wartime prime minister’s first name from the charity title. They also erased his achievements and his photo.  The backlash from these woke alterations continued through the day after they stated on…

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Priti Patels boat turnaround rhetoric regarded as optional by the Border Force, dependent on safety.

Though the Home Office has released it’s plans to rewrite maritime law to be able to turn back large ribs sending them back to French waters, while this sounds like progression, the action to turn back the boats will lie solely upon the captain of the Border Force vessel collecting…

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ULTIMATUM – DUP Leader sets out seven redline demands to amend the NI protocol or they rip up the Stormont agreement.

The leader of the DUP, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, has set out a list of redline demands that must be met to stop the DUP from walking out of the Power-Sharing agreement that was implemented pre-signing of the Brexit Protocol agreement.  In a keynote speech from the La Mon hotel in…

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VIDEO – Conservative MP’s fight back forcibly rejecting COVID passports from being introduced – “THIS IS A DISCRIMINATORY POLICY”

With the government going full steam ahead with the illiberal COVID Passport, MP’s in the Tory Party have started to fight back, stating what is being pushed is discriminatory and enforces a two-tier system. One MP asked if there would be a vote on Covid Passports in Parliament, to which…

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Britain turns the screw on the EU after the Commission doubled down on their refusal to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Yet again, the EU has doubled down on its refusal to renegotiate the EU pushed Northern Ireland Protocol. European Union Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic has reiterated that it was not the blocs aim to renegotiate the deal after he declared that the UK should be fixing the “concrete” problems…


Alastair Campbell claims the National insurance hike is down to “Brexit Mismanagement”.

In an attack on Boris Johnsons Tax hike, again remoaner extraordinary Alastair Campbell went to social media to vent his anger. In typical remoaner fashion, Alastair tried to associate Brexit with the current fury over the increase to national insurance.  Alastair said: “People are seeing right through yesterdays con”, he…

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Bruges Group Director told to check his “White Male Privilege” after making a case for Voter ID in future elections.

On Sky News, Naomi Smith, the CEO of Pro EU leaning ‘Best For Britain’ caused controversy after losing her temper, saying it’s typical for a “white privileged man” to ask others to show ID to vote. This heated exchange of words was sparked after a debate was held in the…


LIVE POLL – Is SNP MP Ian Blackford right when he states the vast majority of those in the UK support the introduction of the covid passports?

With the UK government pushing full steam ahead with introducing covid passports at the end of this month, not many people have been asked what their feelings are on this matter. Do you agree with SNP MP Ian Blackford when he states that the vast majority in the UK support…

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FIGHT FOR PRIMACY – Brussels slap Poland with daily fines for not implementing EU court rulings.

Today, the EU has requested the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to slapped daily fines onto Poland unless they implement an EU Court ruling that was handed down. EU officials charged Warsaw with failing to comply with a July court order to “immediately suspend” its punishment system…

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SNP’s Ian Blackford claims the majority are in favour of living life through rules of the covid passport.

Ian Blackford has said that a minority of people are against Covid Passports in a debate on LBC. A caller asked the radio talk show if covid passports have been a disaster in France, why is there a push to introduce them into Britain? The leader of the SNP in…