Kayleigh McEnany destroys the race-baiting press, after they add words and spin Trumps tweet.

Harry might have just angered the Queen by saying Commonwealth ‘must acknowledge past wrongs’

VIDEO – Laurence Fox destroys the left: ‘Social justice warriors want to tear everything down’

Barnier and Frost set to kick of a heated round of negotiation talks in London this week. UK goes in with the upper hand.

Brexit Party Chairman, Richard Tice stands up for Britain on fishing. “We would deal with the EU very simply, by saying that fishing is off the table.”

New Footage – London Police retreat as crowds of angry Violent thugs turn on Police.

VIDEO – Police turn up as group of political agitators deliberately cause trouble on roads.

Daily Video News Update 6th July – Barnier Under pressure, Macron kicking off and much more.


Macron demands access to UK waters and states negotiations will not move forward unless Britain demands on fisheries were dropped.

VIDEO – Heavily armed Black Panthers filmed marching the roads of America.

Endgame of ‘Those Who Seek to Erase Our Heritage’ – Donald Trump

Mr Barnier is looking “a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.”

VIDEO – Its like a war zone, Antifa and BLM continue to destroy Portland.

Lega Leader Salvini slams the EU: “Europe has been making fun of us for months, if not for years. All the money they promised us are Monopoly money that might arrive next year.”

Ex UKIP MEP dismantles Mr Barnier claimes: “When Michel Barnier speaks of ‘a failure to negotiate’, he means a failure to make concessions, a failure to do as we’re told.”

VIDEO LONDON CHAOS: Police attacked with bottles after trying to disperse illegal street party.

LIVE VIDEO – Protesters on the attack, National Guard and Police called to push protesters back at Mount Rushmore…

John Redwood: “We don’t surrender our money; we don’t surrender our borders, we don’t surrender our laws”

Labour MP says BBC regional funding cuts are “damaging and unwelcome”.