VIDEO – 20 illegal migrants escorted into Dover this morning, with more spotted in the English Channel.

RT interview illegal migrants in a hotel. When asked who pays for your accommodation? “The Home Office”

VIDEO – Former UKIP immigration spokesperson Paul Oakley “These migrants, these criminal traffickers ought to be told that if you land in a dinghy on the Kent Coast, you are going to be refused Asylum”

Angry Conservative MP slams the French as they demand £30 million towards their patrol boats to stop illegal migrants coming to Britain.

VIDEO – Trump continues to clamp down on child traffickers as Eleven MS-13 members arrested over Child sex trafficking.

Eye witness gives her reaction to an illegal migrant boat beaching on the beach “I’ve never seen nothing like that in my time“

VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Border Force can no longer cope and British fishing boats are now having to do the job.

Richard Tice has a simple solution for the Channel migrant crisis “Rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais”

VIDEO – Elderly residents try to stop Antifa and BLM from attacking Portland Police Station.

VIDEO – Yesterday saw a record amount of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel to Britain in a single day.

Barnier wants joint control over fisheries, Boris refuses to play ball.

Nigel Farage releases new migrants crisis video – His investigation takes him to the Northwest.

Conservative Dover MP, Natalie Elphicke expresses her anger – what’s happening in the English Channel is “unacceptable”, this needs to be “brought to an end”.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – VIDEO – Home Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into the increase in migrants crossing the Channel by boat. Over 100 illegal migrants enter British waters today.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – English Channel Crisis – This morning 45 Migrants escorted into Dover after entering Britains waters illegally.

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE -Nigel Farage – “Shocking invasion on the Kent Coast this morning.”

BRILLIANT VIDEO – Sen. Ted Cruz EXPOSES the big corporations who fund “Marxist” Black lives matter.

Remainer UK US trade deal fear narratives taken apart by Brexiteer Shanker Singham.

VIDEO – President Trump releases OBAMAGATE video with the title “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. DOJ labels its findings into Obama spying on Trump as “BREATHTAKING”.

VIDEOS – ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – On scene witness: “The French are now escorting boats into our waters and abandoning them”