EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE – Priti Patel visits Dover.

Conservative Care Minister, Helen Whately said the crisis situation in the English Channel is “unacceptable”.

Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson saying he does not have the political will to tackle migrant boat crossings.

Labours Dawn Butler goes on national TV, slating the Police saying they are ‘institutionally racist’.

UNBELIEVABLE – Labours Dawn Butler whips out her phone, presses record and then plays victim accusing the police of racially profiling her.

VIDEO – 20 illegal migrants escorted into Dover this morning, with more spotted in the English Channel.

RT interview illegal migrants in a hotel. When asked who pays for your accommodation? “The Home Office”

VIDEO – Former UKIP immigration spokesperson Paul Oakley “These migrants, these criminal traffickers ought to be told that if you land in a dinghy on the Kent Coast, you are going to be refused Asylum”

VIDEO – Trump continues to clamp down on child traffickers as Eleven MS-13 members arrested over Child sex trafficking.

Eye witness gives her reaction to an illegal migrant boat beaching on the beach “I’ve never seen nothing like that in my time“

VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Border Force can no longer cope and British fishing boats are now having to do the job.

Richard Tice has a simple solution for the Channel migrant crisis “Rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais”

VIDEO – Elderly residents try to stop Antifa and BLM from attacking Portland Police Station.

VIDEO – Yesterday saw a record amount of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel to Britain in a single day.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – VIDEO – Home Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into the increase in migrants crossing the Channel by boat. Over 100 illegal migrants enter British waters today.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – English Channel Crisis – This morning 45 Migrants escorted into Dover after entering Britains waters illegally.

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE -Nigel Farage – “Shocking invasion on the Kent Coast this morning.”

BRILLIANT VIDEO – Sen. Ted Cruz EXPOSES the big corporations who fund “Marxist” Black lives matter.

VIDEO – President Trump releases OBAMAGATE video with the title “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. DOJ labels its findings into Obama spying on Trump as “BREATHTAKING”.

VIDEOS – ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – On scene witness: “The French are now escorting boats into our waters and abandoning them”