Downing Street says China faces a ‘reckoning’ over their handling of coronavirus and risks becoming a ‘pariah state’ as Boris Johnson faces pressure to scrap the Huawei deal

Discussions on a trade deal with EU continue next week regardless of coronavirus-enforced lockdown

Migrants with coronavirus ‘inevitably entering UK’ illegally.

We are leaving the EU

No delay! Brexit WILL happen on December 31 – coronavirus won’t block EU exit

Oh dear, Brussels! Boris has ‘already won first round’ of Brexit talks in EU fishing war

Trump wishes PM Johnson a speedy recovery from coronavirus

Labour’s Ian Lavery slammed for calling coronavirus crisis ‘great opportunity’ for party


Boris Johnson tested positive for Coronavirus

Britain rejects buying with EU but orders 10,000 British Dyson ventilators to tackle health crisis

Coronavirus being use by remain lobbyists to attempt an extension to trade talks.

FISHERIES ROW /// “flagrant, repeated and prolonged-term abuse of regulations.” Spanish fishing firms fined.

British government remains optimistic on a joint committee to boost bilateral trade and investment with Malaysia

Major online backlash /// Extinction Rebellion claim “Corona is the cure, humans are the disease”

Labour MP calls for an end to the anti-Brexit rhetoric to help the UK recover post-COVID-19 crisis.


SNP Call on Boris Johnson to extend transition period using coved-19 for the reason.

Douglas Carswell exposes the”sheer stupidity” of EU decision-makers

Boris stands firm /// UK continues to reject Negotiation extension requests.

Boris has the upper hand in the coming trade negotiations

EU scramble to gain upper hand on fisheries…

Close to tears, libertarian Tory approves Boris Johnson’s measures, bill for “dystopian society”