BREXIT – Fishing still divides the two sides in negotiations.

Britain hands notice to the EU saying they will not be partaking in anymore military exercises with the EU after the transition period.

Brexiteer Kate Hoey – Boris cannot afford to give into the EU.

Liz Truss – If it means leaving the transition period without a deal, I think that’s perfectly reasonable.

Boris reaffirms to Greek counterpart – Unless the EU changes it’s negotiation stance, there will be no further trade talks.

Labour seek an apology over brexit fallout. Gove defends Boris -“ he’s actually been standing up for Britain, no apology is required.”

Theresa May shut down by Gove, using her mantra “No deal is better than a bad deal”.

Keir Starmer pushes fear – Lockdown now or face “catastrophic consequences”.

Bank of England asks banks on their readiness for a zero-negative interest rate?

New Numbers contradict Downing Street’s private polling which suggests a Biden win.

Most pubs in North of England will be forced to shut from Monday in an effort to curb rise in COVID cases.

BRILLIANT – Boris hits back at those who say he’s lost his mojo labelling it as “self-evident drivel”.

Nigel Farage sends chilling political warning to the Tories over Brexit ‘If you screw it up again I will come back and kill you.’

Sturgeon interferes with Brexit deal discussions after its found she been holding informal discussions with the EU.

Angry Tory MP – 90 minutes to discuss something that’s “changed the nature of the relationship between state and citizen is not good enough”

Priti Patel – Foreign criminals with dual nationality should be quickly deported, “not enough of that has taken place.”

Ed Davey put on the spot – What’s the point of the Liberal Democrats?

Labours David Lammy – “The conservatives have abandoned the rule of law” as the Internal Market Bill returns to Parliament this week.

BREXIT – Former Brexit Party MEP, Alex Phillips triggers Remainer Femi Oluwole after saying “the EU is the most anti democratic institution I have ever seen”

Boris Johnson rallies his supporters with his latest tweet.

Atmosphere between UK and EU has changed after leaked documents show UK Government is now preparing for a no deal Brexit – Harry Cole Explains.

VIDEO – Starmer under pressure as Len McCluskey says Unite Union Executive’s want “questions answered” over using party funds to pay off anti-Semitism whistleblowers.

John Bercow has been left gutted with his ego dented, as his name doesn’t appear on the peerage list.

BRILLIANT – Michael Gove shuts down SNP’s separatist rant in Parliament.

VIDEO – Is Labour pulling of their Facebook advertising an attempt to further reduce your free speech?

Boris unleashes a £705 million pound investment on new border controls as we prepare to the exit transition period.

BBC music expert wants to Ban Rule Britannia and Land of hope and glory from the Proms labelling them “toe-curling embarrassing anachronistic farrago of nationalistic songs”

Mark Francois fires back at Barnier: “No one has ever demonstrated to me the added value of remaining in the EU and being governed by a bunch of unelected commissioners,”

OUR REACTION /// Boris spoke to Merkel on the phone, Merkel isn’t happy!



Ex Labour MP who lost her seat, told to repay £3,835.32 of taxpayers money after She tried to unfairly gain political advantage in the last election.

John Redwood: “We don’t surrender our money; we don’t surrender our borders, we don’t surrender our laws”

Boris won’t be taking the knee: “I don’t want people to be bullied into doing things that they don’t necessarily want to do.”

Tory Brexiteer MP, Andrew Bridgen: we “hold all the cards in these trade talks”

STATEMENT – Boris Johnson “I am delighted to appoint David Frost as my next National Security Adviser.”

Richard Tice: “Let’s push a buy-British campaign, whether that is British wine, British made cars or food. ”

Joint statement from Foreign Secretary and German Foreign Minister following bilateral meeting in Berlin

Labour councillor and TEACHER, openly claimed kids need their “Marxist” teachers to prevent them from being claimed by “far-right propaganda” with their parents at home.

Boris states we need to get “maximum value for the British taxpayer” as he scraps Foreign aid department.

Blackford goes all doomsayer after UK refuses to seek an extension.

Nigel Farage is preparing for a come back, Tory MP states “Boris has made an open goal for the Brexit Party by pandering to the left”

STATEMENT: Google apologises for missing photo of Winston Churchill and the date when he served as Prime Minister.

British MP slams the EU: “The fact they expect and demand the status quo (on fisheries) shows the sheer level of arrogance of these people.”

UK softens stance on border controls post Brexit transition period.

SHOCKING VIDEO /// Nigel Farage reacts to UK Police officers beaten, one nearly left for dead in the streets of London.

Nigel Farage was right. UK BLM go fund me page says it wants the “abolition of the police”

Boris steps in “Many people in Hong Kong fear that their way of life is under threat – Britain could not in good conscience shrug our shoulders and walk away”

Sturgeon wants another extension!

DUP’s Sammy Wilson, tackles SDLP in Northern Ireland, after they blame coronavirus for their latest attempt to push for an extension.

SNP MP loses it, goes on a political rant, Frothing at the mouth. Boris says MOVE ON!

MP pulled out of last night’s BBC Newsnight show knowing the bias that awaited him.

VIDEO – HYPOCRITE – Labours Lisa Nandy admits lockdown rules were broken by Labour MP’s.



MEDIA BIAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO – BBC Radio presenter calls Dominic Cummings a D**K while mic was live.

BRILLIANT VIDEO: Matt Hancock destroys Robert Peston, live on air, with the best put down I’ve ever seen.

PRO EU ESTABLISHMENT ANGERED: Dominic Cummings brought down a pro EU establishment plot to extend the transition period, organised while he and Boris fell ill.

DISGUSTING GUTTER MEDIA: Sky News try to turn Durham against Dominic Cummings parents.

Dominic Cummings exposed the media, winning people’s heart and minds.

VIDEO – Alastair Campbell goes on the attack, labelling Cummings statement “a complete car crash”

DISGUSTING: Keir Starmer adds fuel to the witch hunt fire stating “The Prime Minister has treated the British people with contempt. One rule for Dominic Cummings, another for everybody else.”

TalkRadio presenter throws Weapons of mass destruction bombshell at Alastair Campbell during live interview.

Whingeing Alastair Campbell lashes out. “The Prime Minister is utterly shameful” for not getting rid of Dominic Cummings.

VIDEO – Key witness in the Dominic Cummings story was an anonymous source.

DISGUSTING – Gutter press witch hunt stunt has gone to far.

NEW VIDEO – Steve Baker MP wants rid of Dominic Cummings. Why?

NEW VIDEO – Pro EU MSM and Pro EU politicians do all they can to rid of Dominic Cummings. WHY?

The left attack each other after failing to oust Brexiteer Dominic Cummings

Mainstream media EXPOSED for pushing FAKE NEWS about Boris

Anti-lockdown protest: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother given a fine by Police.

Nigel Farage: “our message has to be very very simple, anybody that comes to the United Kingdom illegally, you will not be allowed to stay”

Full 60 page Government document showing the recovery plan going forward.

Keir slates Boris on TV whilst knowing more Information on the PM’s speech is to be revealed today.

Joint statement between the UK and France on borders and Covid-19

Former MP and Brexiteer Austin Mitchell recalls the devastating decline of fisheries in Grimsby.

Twitter has a field day after Ex-Tory Leadership candidate and prominent Remainer Rory Stewart pulls out of the race for London Mayor.

Michael Gove reveals the cost of an extension.

829 illegal migrants have made to British shores since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Ian Blackford labels a No Deal exit a “chilling prospect”.

Remainer Liddington reckons people wouldn’t find it unreasonable to extend negotiations six months or so

Brexiteer Mark Francois: “We aren’t happy with China”

Party doner applies pressure on Boris Johnson to extend negotiation talks.