Priti Patel

Nigel Farage slams Priti Patel. Tell France to “Stop the practice of escorting illegal dinghies into British waters.”

With waters being calm and weather getting warmer, migrant boats crossing the Channel have started…

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Lord Frost

EU Fear Lord Frosts “Confrontational” style after being given the chief role of overseeing UK’s relations with the EU.


PODCAST – Redaction of evidence – SNP leadership failure – Cover up? – Question is who’s got the most to lose?

Alex Salmond

GAGGED WITH FEAR OF PROSECUTION – Alex Salmond exposes the cover-up of the evidence at play.

Sadiq Khan

Khan slams Londoners with a 10% council tax increase yet has £100 Million available for a statue toppling committee.

Vaccine passports

The Big Question – Should the UK government implement vaccine passports?

Nicola Sturgeon

Sturgeon orders the Union Jack flag to be removed from all public buildings in Scotland and replaced with the EU flag.

COVER UP? – Nicola Sturgen publicly taken to task over the covering up of Mr Salmonds evidence so questions can’t be properly asked in the enquiry.

Britain back to work

LET’S GET BRITAIN BACK TO WORK – Boris has invested in 10’000 work coaches ready to help get Britain back to work.

Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier threatens Britains access to energy markets for favoured fishing rights in UK waters


It’s a “dangerous conspiracy theory” to think I had anything to do with the redaction of evidence from Alex Salmond.

Grace period

Grace period for N.I. denied, Grace period for the EU to ratify future relationship agreement accepted?

Northern Ireland

EU Vice President – “There are inevitable consequences of Brexit, and simply we have to follow EU law”. There can be no grace period extension in Northern Ireland.

Rejoiners rejoice over bookies giving 5/1 odds on the UK rejoining the EU by 2026.


EU play dirty to cut Britain’s financial competitiveness. Economist exposes EU’s agenda.

Labour councillor

Liverpool Labour Councillor moves to Spain claiming £10k pay packet for taking zoom meetings and phone calls.

Ian Blackford

SNP sends begging letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Government hits back at khans efforts to pull down statues in London

Brian Rose

Sadiq Khan fines his political opponent £200 for distributing his political leaflet around London.

Keir Starmer

Former Labour voters tell Labour leader Keir Starmer you’re “a weak personality”


Non political campaign group tells sturgeon to get her priorities right through a billboard campaign.


EU worst nightmare, Britain will do well new report suggests, “We assume that Great Britain will experience a strong cyclical upswing in the coming months.”

Lord Frost

“It’s going to be pretty bumpy” for the EU now Lord Frost is back.

Boris Johnson

Boris maps out exit strategy from third lockdown on Monday.

Reform UK

“Radical reform agenda” at the heart of Reform UK’s new policies.