Labour “don't possess a God-given right to exist” Says Labour Leadership Candidate Lisa Nandy

“THE EU SEEMS BROKEN” Says government official

Brexit was nearly sabotaged by civil servants claims whistle blower…

WEAK EU “will cry breach of transition rules” if negotiations don’t go their way

Nicola Sturgeon wishes to return the Scottish fishing industry back into the hands of European Union if she succeeds in winning a second referendum

Head of think tank in Brussels "The proposal of the European Union is currently to ditch seasonal clock changes” ridding of summertime hours

Taking back control – We’ve got back our British Blue and Gold passports

Diane Abbott says the new immigration policy is "Dog whistle politics"

New immigration policy has sent the mainstream media into a mass project fear, propaganda overdrive…

Miss Patel:"Today is a historic moment for the entire nation. We're ending free movement”

Don’t agree with Labours transgender charter? Then it’s re-education Camps for you says one Labour MP…

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy said she would vote to rid of the Monarchy if the opportunity arose…

Barnier rejects a Canada style Trade Deal Pushed by Boris. EU want an aligned relationship…

UK negotiator David Frost – “We just want what other independent nations have” meaning U.K. will not be a rule taker.

U.K. Negotiator David Frost – Brexit isn't a"negotiating position" but the vision for Britain post-2020.

Boris Johnson slaps down EU‘s demands – “There isn’t any reason to follow EU rules”

Labour MP Dawn Butler suggests that a baby is born without a biological sex? Has Labour gone mad???

Boris Johnson “opposes transition period extension”

Possible Labour leader Lisa Nandy said this about a male child rapist who now identifies as a woman…

Boris Johnson’s UK trade mandate is to stand firm on Britain’s freedoms outside EU rules and regulations.