Barnier accused the PM of listening too much to those who call for a “Global Britain”.

BBC PROMS – Richard Tice: “I think Tony Hall, needs to wake up, slap himself round the face, smell the coffee” “This could potentially be the final nail in the coffin for the BBC”

Brexiteer and Former Australian PM Tony Abbott is to be appointed joint president of Britain’s Board of Trade. “Get this done”

Your opinion – The people have spoken and they say “DEFUND THE BBC”

UNBELIEVABLE – BBC decides You can have your songs Rule Britannia and land of hope and glory, but without the lyrics.

Iain Duncan Smith shutsdown Brexit Doomsayers at the Civil Service.

People have spoken and they are Disgusted and Angry at the BBC’s decision to axe Rule Britannia and Land of hope and Glory.

Saracens and England Rugby Star Billy Vunipola explains why he didn’t take the Knee.

BBC are set to be removing ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Land of hope and glory’ from the Proms.

A think tank director exposes puts the EU trade into perspective saying, “The EU isn’t the expanding part of the international market.”

Barnier – ‘I will have done my job if, in the end, the deal is so demanding on the British that they would prefer to remain in the EU.’

Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage are set to head up a brand new News Channel “GB News” in the new year to rival the Bias BBC and Sky News.

VIDEO – Are we going to be sold down the river with a 60% Brexit?

VIDEO – Police officer attacked as Eid celebrations turn violent.

UK Court of Appeal rules Shamima Begum’s case has to be sent to the Supreme Court before she is allowed back into the country.

Nigel Farage – 48,000 people who are illegally in UK housed in hotels at the tax payer expense.

VIDEO – Oxford Black lives matter leader threatens violence against a black man due to difference of opinion.

Journalist claims Boris Johnson is “one of the most dangerous Prime Ministers this country has had”.

English Channel Update – Multiple handovers, 80+ people picked up on 2 boats, taken to Dover, coaches waiting.

VIDEO – Jeffrey Epstein’s side kick, Ghislaine Maxwell, refused Bail.