Yet again, EU Parliament President wants Britain to commit to their level playing field.

UK invites Barnier to London to continue trade talks.


UK FIRES WARNING AT EU – It’s either a Free trade agreement, or no deal.“We will not be back to negotiate further next year.”

FAKE BREXITEER? – Supposed Brexiteer claims he never knew a No Deal was similar to an Australian style agreement.

Robert Jenrick – Unless the EU shows maturity in these negotiations, we’ll leave on an Australian style agreement.

Micheal Gove – If the EU think it can take our waters and tie our hands, Then we “take back control” and leave without a deal.

Sophy Ridge continues to push the MSM narrative that fisheries are an expendable part of our economy to gain a trade deal with the EU.

BBC reporters demeaning view – British Fishermen don’t want all the fish, they just want a slightly better deal.

EU propaganda machine disrespects Boris claiming “Boris only did this to save face”, it’s “political pantomime”.

BACKFIRED – British fisherman stands his ground as the media try to push the guilt trip over the French fishermen losing jobs?

Irish minister claims “the country that needs a deal the most, is the UK.”

NO DEAL – Boris gives the go ahead for an Australian style deal based on simple principles of global free trade.

EU demand the UK to be the only side to compromise in negotiations to gain a trade deal.

EU call Boris Johnson’s bluff. Threats to halt Intensified negotiations until Britain caves in on fisheries and state aid subsidies.

Negotiation Dead line passes, Boris to consider options after EU council summit.

Though a deal isn’t found, Britain will not be walking from negotiations tomorrow as deadline passes.

EU plan to deliberately bypass 15th October make or break brexit deadline “there are a number of weeks left in this negotiation, not a number of days.”

French MEP’s threaten to collapse any final brexit deal over fisheries as Britain enters crunch talks with EU commission Chief.

Boris speaks to Merkel – If a deal can’t be found, we’re “prepared to end the transition period on Australia-style terms”