Keir Starmer insists that the battle on Brexit is over.

Labour finished? Ipsos Poll suggests Journalists trusted more than Labour.

Blair’s right hand man, John McTernan claims ‘David Lammy is a strong appointment as Shadow Justice Secretary’

Labour’s Ian Lavery slammed for calling coronavirus crisis ‘great opportunity’ for party

David Lammy

David Lammy loses the plot and RANTS at his constituents, blaming Brexit for not holding a meeting on rising crime concerns.


Keir Starmer gets caught out “you want free movement to continue with European Union”

Andrew Neil

“Did you call it out?”Andrew Neil goes after Rebecca Long-Bailey on Anti-Semitism

Jess Phillips won’t rule out trying to rejoin EU despite ‘no appetite for it’ in the UK

Brexiteers v remainer

Brexiteer savages ‘EU fanatic elites’ in Labour party for STILL attempting to stop Brexit

Environmental Barry Gardner

Labour’s Barry Gardiner mocked over flight to climate change meeting –’Land of lost irony

Labour eu

Brexit MEP WARNS Labour will make every “effort to keep us shackled to Brussels” in the future.

Labour in denial

Delusional – Remainer Labour MP claims difficult brexit decisions may lead to UK returning to the EU with “FULL MEMBERSHIP”.

Barry gardener leadership race labour

‘Is this a spoof?’ Barry Gardiner’s Labour leadership bid dismantled before it begins

Corbyn give long bailey 10 out of 10

Labours Long-Bailey – Corbyn didn’t put a foot wrong – I’d give Corbyn 10 out of 10

Clive battles with Andrew

Andrew Neil shocked as Clive Lewis claims he would not drop ONE ‘brilliant’ Corbyn policy

Mp question

Fury as Labour MP stuns BBC panel after mocking ‘pathetic’ Brexit date celebrations

Labour supporters slapped with a £25 charge to vote in a new leader

Labour supporters slapped with a £25 charge if they want to vote for a new leader

Jess Phillips want to stop brexit

Jess Phillips UTURNS day after admitting she wants to continue the fight to remain in the EU

Kier Starmer in race to win labour leadership

Hard-Left erupt in rage after polls show Kier Starmer is set to trounce the Corbynista favoured candidates…

If Jess Phillips becomes leader she promises to fight to rejoin the EU

Jess Phillips slated over plans to have UK rejoin EU in future – ‘Have learned nothing!’