Nigel Farage criticises Priti Patel after giving a speech on immigration – “More empty words”.

Head of Detention Action promotes Priti Patel as a Neo-Fascist and states those who cross the Channel in small boats are not breaking the law.

New migration agreement is needed as many in the EU regard the Dublin agreement as obsolete.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS: Multiple boats have been brought to Dover including Border force seeker carrying 100 illegal migrants.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Army barracks shouldn’t be used to house illegal migrants they should be used to house the homeless.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage EXPOSES THE FRENCH as they continue to dump illegal migrants in British Waters.

MOD offers use of Napier Ex Military Barracks to house illegal migrant that cross the English Channel.

SHOCKING – BBC try to label those who are angry about the migrant crisis in Dover as racist.

CRISIS CONTINUES – Nearly 80 migrants made it to Britain illegally by English Channel yesterday.

Diane Abbott said Britain “wouldn’t be able to act effectively” on the illegal channel crossings if Britain left the EU on No Deal.

Former Royal Commando and new Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O’Mahoney said stopping illegal migrants crossing the channel coming to Britain is “easier said than done”.

SHOCKING VIDEO REVELATIONS – Home Office state 240,000 to 320,000 people are in the UK illegally, but can’t be sure on real figures.

VIDEO – ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS /// Two migrant boats with around 40 people taken to Dover.

Home Secretary, Priti Patel releases new points based system in hope it restores faith in the UK’s immigration system after the transition period finishes.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Reports suggest NEW RECORD SET, over 200 illegal migrants have made it across the English Channel to Britain just today “Still its not over.”

Ex UK Border Force Director, Britain currently has “no authority to return them (illegal migrants) to France”

VIDEO – Home Secretary Priti Patel states those who come to our shores illegally, will be returned.

14 illegal migrants rescued after they attempted to cross the English Channel in extremely rough conditions

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE – Three illegal migrants that went on the run from Kingsdown boat beaching this morning captured.

English Channel Crisis – Migrants caught by Police after they entered Britain illegally beaching at Samphire Hoe.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – Exclusive footage showing 78 illegal migrants in the English Channel brought to Britain, with coaches at the ready.

Second boat of the day with 16 illegal migrants arriving in Dover.

VIDEO – French “handover” another 18 illegal Migrants to British Border Force this Morning in the English Channel.

VIDEO – 12 illegal migrants brought to shore by border force this morning.

45 Illegal Migrants make it across the English Channel today.

VIDEO – Pro Refugee protest in hits the streets of Paris

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage uncovers how the French Navy are hiding their tracks when helping migrants into British waters.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage catches the French Navy, yet again, escorting migrant boats into UK waters.


NEW VIDEO – Report – Nigel Farage unveils evidence of French vessels ‘escorting’ migrant boats into UK waters.

MIGRANT CRISIS – Priti Patel: When people say we’re not doing enough, they don’t know what they’re talking about – NEW VIDEO

OPINION – People are angry and rightly so. But why are the government being cautious on its response to the crisis in the English Channel?

FULL DOCUMENTARY – Nigel releases full documentary, exposing the English Channel migrant crisis which the MSM want to cover up.

Home Office finally respond to the Migrant crisis in the English Channel.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage destroys the MSM and the Home Office for trying to hush this crisis.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage condemns media for covering up the illegal migrant crisis.

Nigel Farage reacts to Home Secretary’s immigration bill

VIDEO – NIGEL FARAGE – “I just witnessed the French Navy escorting illegal migrants into British waters”

Nigel Farage releases a new video showing illegal migrants beaching at Pett Level.

Lefty Writer labels Nigel Farage a W**ker while saying “the invasion of boats” coming to the UK carrying illegal migrants is “fictional.”


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Nigel Farage – Over 100 migrants illegally entered the UK by small boat today. The invasion is on.

VIDEO – Illegal migrants made it to shore in Hastings

Illegal migrant wave continues – Several illegal migrant boats have been intercepted by the UK authorities today.

More than 240 illegal migrants have made it to UK shores in 3 days.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage returns to Dover exposing more illegal migrants being escorted into Britain.

Nigel Farage has a visit from the police after highlighting illegal migrants being towed into Britain.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage witnesses illegal migrants coming into Dover

829 illegal migrants have made to British shores since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Nigel Farage wrote to the home office in disgust over the illegal migrants coming to Britain undetected. Here’s what was said.

Priti Patel in talks to send back migrants who cross the English Channel illegally, potentially without them stepping a foot in Britain.