Pro Brexit Group – Fishing for Leave gives this assessment on the UK draft fisheries agreement.

UK Fisheries document – “The UK proposal reflects the fact that, at the end of 2020, the UK will be an independent coastal state and will no longer be bound by the Common Fisheries Policy”

Former MP and Brexiteer Austin Mitchell recalls the devastating decline of fisheries in Grimsby.

Macron under pressure on fishing

Macron threatens to put up a fight over fisheries.

Macron threatens UK over fishing rights: “If we do not get the same access as today, we will seek compensation.”

UK fishermen not happy. EU super trawlers plunder British waters while UK boats sit idle due to lock down.

EU demand status quo on fishing quotas with automatic access in the U.K. waters post Brexit. Boris Johnson’s Negotiators say NO!

British Fishermen Angry “we’re being given scraps by Brussels, and we’ve seen the boats from France and Belgium come and take what they can take out of our own waters.”

EU weaponise fisheries due to U.K. having upper hand in trade negotiations.

U.K. fishermen are “Really concerned” due to lack of monetary help in place to see our fishermen through this crisis period

FISHERIES ROW /// “flagrant, repeated and prolonged-term abuse of regulations.” Spanish fishing firms fined.

Boris has the upper hand in the coming trade negotiations

EU scramble to gain upper hand on fisheries…

European capitals reacted with fury /// Brussels negotiator forced into making an embarrassing change to his original draft FTA with Britain

New report reveals /// Despite coming under repeated complaint, the EU defended the Common Fisheries Policy

George eustice

Environment Secretary Mr Eustice: “Holding access to U.K. fisheries is a powerful card to have” in these negotiations.


UK will be an independent coastal state at the end of 2020 document reveals

George Eustice

Fisheries – 3 brand new patrol vessels, contracted Aerial Surveillance, private sector ready to help, decommissioning on vessels halted. We’re ready to secure our waters

DEAD OR DYING FISH – 800,000 – 900,000 tons of fish are discarded back into the sea every year under EU’s common fisheries policy…

Facts on why the common fisheries policy was so bad for Britain?

Fishermen clash

Industry leaders have warned that UK and EU fishermen could “come to blows at sea” if London and Brussels fail to agree terms on fishing.