Sir Bill Cash tackles the EU, EXPOSING contradictions in their negotiation stance.

Barnier infuriated, accusing Britain of backtracking in these negotiations.

BARNIER ISNT HAPPY – Boris refuses to sign a substandard deal, that doesn’t respect the future independence of Britain.

EU IN PANIC – Fourth round of trade talks DEADLOCKED – No progress made.

EU member states “particularly p*ssed off” over UK holding ground on fisheries.

Motion passed in Northern Ireland’s assembly calling for the UK government to extend negotiations.

EU negotiators demand the UK to sign to their “level playing field” agenda, for better deal on financial services.

Daniel Hannan Exposes Barnier poker face method: “The EU has locked itself into a position that was designed not to get the best result for its 27 members, but to stop Brexit.”

Sadiq Khan demands Boris to seek an extension with the EU.

The push for a “Level Playing Field”continues by Barnier, even after being told it will not be accepted.

Mr Michel BARNIER, Brexit EU Chief Negotiator. Copyright: European Union Event: Special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50)

Barnier demands Boris to comply with the text in the negotiation agreement; otherwise, “if this does not happen, there will be no agreement.”

Michel Barneir mocks UK negotiators: “we will not make any progress if the British continue to pick raisins”

EU negotiator ridicules Britain: “The UK Government are underestimating the real consequence of leaving the European Union”

VIDEO – Brexit talks could reach “crisis point” – Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney.

EU Trade Commissioner worried UK is heading for the exit without a deal.

UK opposition parties unite behind the EU, pushing for an extension.

NEW VIDEO – David Davis “the Europeans are going to have to face reality” they will be the first to move.

EU’s Ms Rutter labels UK Chief negotiator David Frost a “whiny child complaining that the big kid isn’t playing by the rules”.

READ THE TWO LETTERS – EU Chief negotiator and UK Chief negotiator clash in their response to the negotiations

EU need recognise the UK is a “sovereign equal” not as a fellow member state expected to fall inline.