David Frost firmly stands his ground on a demand for a zonal attachment system while the EU is urging a compromise.

BORIS STANDS FIRM – Germany is having to gear up for a No Deal exit.

Michel Barnier demands Boris to respect EU principles and interests.

David Frost: EU – UK Deal “will not be reached in July.” UK must prepare for No Deal as “we must face the possibility that one will not be reached”

BORIS REFUSES TO BACK DOWN – The EU 27 continue to flog their “Level playing field” policy in hopes the UK caves in as negotiation deadline approaches.

Not much hope in a breakthrough as round seven of EU – UK trade talks start today in Brussels.

Michel Barnier has persuaded European Union member-states to concede on major red lines at the Brexit trade discussions.

EU – UK negotiations break down once again, but this time there’s a hint we’re leaving on WTO.

British Fisherman suspicious by Barniers generosity over fishing redlines.

Merkel isn’t happy, as Boris Johnson gives a personal reminder “The UK equally would be ready to leave the transition period on Australia terms”.

Barnier starts backpedaling on fisheries as he admits EU demands “clearly not” balanced.

EU COMMISSIONER – Do the UK even want a deal? “I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side”

Barnier and Frost set to kick of a heated round of negotiation talks in London this week. UK goes in with the upper hand.

Mr Barnier is looking “a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.”

VIDEO MERKEL – “We must prepare ourselves for there being NO DEAL”

Merkel – Boris needs to be “more flexible” in these negotiations.

Merkel demands “more realism” from the UK, if a deal is to be done.

Macron will be furious as Barnier is set to break redlines on fisheries in the autumn.

UK trade negotiator, David Frost, fires this stern warning to Brussels before negotiations kick off tomorrow.

Barnier isnt happy – “The UK is cherry picking the best bits”