Conservative MP – “Our fishing waters are ours, palms off.”

Emmanuel Macron tries to threaten Britain “without a fisheries agreement; there can be no trade deal.”

Canada’s Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne suggests Brussels will give into Boris Johnson’s Brexit demands “in the last few hours” of their talks.

UK negotiator, David Frost – “An agreement between the UK and EU seems improbable”

EU negotiator Michel Barnier gets his blame game ready as he predicts a breakdown in negotiation talks.

Barnier – “We’re moving backwards rather than forward.” “An agreement between the united kingdom and EU seems unlikely.”

No Deal preparations ramped up as Barnier continues to attack Britains sovereignty with his insistence of a ‘level playing field’.

Former Brexit Party MEP exposes the true intentions of the EU – “ EU requires the UK to sacrifice its sovereignty to get a deal.”

EU CHIEF NEGOTIATOR- FULL STATEMENT “The need for a Level Playing Field is not going to go away.”

CHIEF UK NEGOTIATOR – FULL STATEMENT: EU insists “we must accept continuity with EU state aid and fisheries policy”.

EU refuses draft legal text from Britain, until progress is made on level playing field and British fisheries.

EU running down the negotiation clock in the hopes Britain caves in last minute to their demands.

Remain supporting welsh Labour, tries to halt new UK wide internal market plans.

EU negotiators threaten the UK haulage industry unless the UK signs up to Level playing field regulations.

Seventh round of Brexit talks get underway with the PM promising to be strong on his redlines.

The people have spoke, we should walk out of negotiations and prepare for No Deal.

Groundhog day continues as Barnier is set to push for a “Level Playing Field”, yet again.

UK Brexit negotiator David Frost Vows to ban EU fishing boats from having unfettered access into Britains waters.

Stern message from Britain to EU negotiators: “The UK’s sovereignty, over our laws, our courts, or our fishing waters, is of course not up for discussion”

Macron threatens to pull the plug on any trade deal with the UK, if it doesn’t meet his demands on fisheries.

David Frost firmly stands his ground on a demand for a zonal attachment system while the EU is urging a compromise.

BORIS STANDS FIRM – Germany is having to gear up for a No Deal exit.

Michel Barnier demands Boris to respect EU principles and interests.

David Frost: EU – UK Deal “will not be reached in July.” UK must prepare for No Deal as “we must face the possibility that one will not be reached”

BORIS REFUSES TO BACK DOWN – The EU 27 continue to flog their “Level playing field” policy in hopes the UK caves in as negotiation deadline approaches.

Not much hope in a breakthrough as round seven of EU – UK trade talks start today in Brussels.

Michel Barnier has persuaded European Union member-states to concede on major red lines at the Brexit trade discussions.

EU – UK negotiations break down once again, but this time there’s a hint we’re leaving on WTO.

British Fisherman suspicious by Barniers generosity over fishing redlines.

Merkel isn’t happy, as Boris Johnson gives a personal reminder “The UK equally would be ready to leave the transition period on Australia terms”.

Barnier starts backpedaling on fisheries as he admits EU demands “clearly not” balanced.

EU COMMISSIONER – Do the UK even want a deal? “I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side”

Barnier and Frost set to kick of a heated round of negotiation talks in London this week. UK goes in with the upper hand.

Mr Barnier is looking “a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.”

VIDEO MERKEL – “We must prepare ourselves for there being NO DEAL”

Merkel – Boris needs to be “more flexible” in these negotiations.

Merkel demands “more realism” from the UK, if a deal is to be done.

Macron will be furious as Barnier is set to break redlines on fisheries in the autumn.

UK trade negotiator, David Frost, fires this stern warning to Brussels before negotiations kick off tomorrow.

Barnier isnt happy – “The UK is cherry picking the best bits”

EU start to cave in. Bear bones deal now concidered an option.

No Deal has momentum, EU redlines harden.

EU Commission President confirms UK will leave the EU on 31st December 2020 with or without a deal.

BREXIT – EU – UK negotiators meet for a high level summit today.

Macron under pressure on fishing

French in mass panic as UK confirms there will be no extention to the transition period.

Brussels urge businesses to prepare for a No Deal exit.

Penny Mordaunt sends Barnier in a panic after saying “no point” in striking a last-minute agreement

If eurocrats dont change their demands, David Frost told to walk away from discussions.

Michel Barnier appears to believe he is the referee when he is a player on the pitch.

EU negotiators wanted Britain to be subservient rather than reasonable

No Deal Brexit, at an all time high.

Sir Bill Cash tackles the EU, EXPOSING contradictions in their negotiation stance.

Barnier infuriated, accusing Britain of backtracking in these negotiations.

BARNIER ISNT HAPPY – Boris refuses to sign a substandard deal, that doesn’t respect the future independence of Britain.

EU IN PANIC – Fourth round of trade talks DEADLOCKED – No progress made.

EU member states “particularly p*ssed off” over UK holding ground on fisheries.

Motion passed in Northern Ireland’s assembly calling for the UK government to extend negotiations.

EU negotiators demand the UK to sign to their “level playing field” agenda, for better deal on financial services.

Daniel Hannan Exposes Barnier poker face method: “The EU has locked itself into a position that was designed not to get the best result for its 27 members, but to stop Brexit.”

Sadiq Khan demands Boris to seek an extension with the EU.

The push for a “Level Playing Field”continues by Barnier, even after being told it will not be accepted.

Mr Michel BARNIER, Brexit EU Chief Negotiator. Copyright: European Union Event: Special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50)

Barnier demands Boris to comply with the text in the negotiation agreement; otherwise, “if this does not happen, there will be no agreement.”

Michel Barneir mocks UK negotiators: “we will not make any progress if the British continue to pick raisins”

EU negotiator ridicules Britain: “The UK Government are underestimating the real consequence of leaving the European Union”

VIDEO – Brexit talks could reach “crisis point” – Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney.

EU Trade Commissioner worried UK is heading for the exit without a deal.

UK opposition parties unite behind the EU, pushing for an extension.

NEW VIDEO – David Davis “the Europeans are going to have to face reality” they will be the first to move.

EU’s Ms Rutter labels UK Chief negotiator David Frost a “whiny child complaining that the big kid isn’t playing by the rules”.

READ THE TWO LETTERS – EU Chief negotiator and UK Chief negotiator clash in their response to the negotiations

EU need recognise the UK is a “sovereign equal” not as a fellow member state expected to fall inline.

Pro Brexit Group – Fishing for Leave gives this assessment on the UK draft fisheries agreement.

UK Brexit negotiator David Frost believes in Brexit “I’ve never seen Michel Barnier so angry as he was after last weeks Brexit talks”

Pro EU MPs from all different parties, have united behind a letter, sent to Barnier saying: “A consensus is taking shape” pushing for an extension.

Brexiteer’s don’t want lip service; instead, we want action on words promised over the last four years.

Boris to deliver democracy! 79 percent in poll back PM to finally deliver Brexit in 2020

Report concludes a £4.6 Trillion cost to Britain if Brexit was to go down the delay route, with Brexit being eradicated.

UK Trade negotiator hits back at the EU “lt is hard to understand why the EU insists on an ideological approach which makes it more difficult to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.”

EU brings in a false middle man, hoping the UK accepts a “level playing field”.

Barnier seeks Mercy by the British through threat.

Barnier threatens No Deal, while panicking over Britain leaving with No Deal

UK Chief Brexit trade negotiator full statement. It’s not looking good for the EU.

Barnier’s bid for a “level playing field” is falling apart.

Barnier hints once again for Britain to extend.

Trade Negotiations slow, EU start court proceedings against UK.

Germany Fearful that UK may leave without a deal.

Labour Remain politician admits its illegal for the UK government to ask for a trade talk extension.

EU left powerless as the Political Declaration they refer to is legally non-binding.

EU in Panic after Britains chief trade negotiator said: Britain has no intention” of requesting an extension beyond the 2020 deadline.

Irish MP – Ireland itself risked “nothing short of Armageddon” If there is no Brexit deal.

Reality hits German MEP – UK has continually ruled out the extension option.

Britain gets tough; We are never going to accept a level playing field.