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BRITS PROTEST WITH THEIR WALLETS – Merkel DEVASTATED after German economy takes £12bn hit as Brits boycott EU

A new analysis suggests that Germany’s economy was hit by more than £12billion due to British consumers abandoning EU products following Brexit. The economies of France, Spain, and Belgium were also harmed as Brits voted with their wallets to protest the treatment of UK by the EU, according to research…

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Hundreds of thousands take to streets in France to Protest Macrons draconian rules.

With Macron making Vaccine passports mandatory the choice is now have a trial vaccine or you don’t have a place in society. The people of France have had enough and have taken to the streets to Fight Back.

Weber German MEP
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German MEP channels his inner Trump demanding a border to be built around the EU.

German MEP Manfred Weber decided to go all Donald Trump urging the European Union to build a border wall to stop illegal migrants from entering. Weber, the leader of the EPP Group within the EU Parliament, urged eurocrats not to be intimidated by Alexander Lukashenko, the Rogue Belarusian leader. With…

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European Commission threaten legal action against 23 EU member states after they ignore EU rules.

Brussels has threatened to start legal action against 23 EU member states because they failed to implement the bloc’s copyright rules into their national laws. All EU members, including France, Spain and Poland, were given the option of either explaining their action to why they haven’t implemented the bloc’s rules,…

EU refuse to renegotiate Northern Ireland Protocol
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EU issue London with Ultimatum after refusing to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol.

London was issued an ultimatum by Maros Sefcovic after he refused to renegotiate Brexit. Both sides are now on their summer recess. David Jones, deputy chair of European Research Group and Clwyd West MP warned that a compromise must be reached on the Northern Ireland Protocol by September.  Jones stated…

Viktor Orban LGTB child protection law referendum
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Viktor Orban sticks it to the EU and calls for a referendum to review his child protection law.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has called for a referendum to review his child protection law. This has gotten Eurocrats in a frenzy over clauses that ban teachers from teaching LGBT-themed classes. Last night, Orban, a family-focused leader, posted a Facebook video in which he said: “In recent weeks,…

Swiss reject joining the EU
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EU DEVASTATED – The Swiss reject joining the EU in latest poll.

A new poll shows that the majority of Swiss citizens oppose joining the EU. This is two months after talks between Brussels and Bern ended. This latest research is a massive blow for EU bosses, who want to welcome Switzerland into the European fold. Survey results showed that 64 percent…

EU plead with Olympic body
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EU commission writes to the Olympic committee asking for the EU flag to be flown.

THE European Commission is pushing for Slovenian athletes to carry the EU flag at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony. European Commissioner Margaritis Schinas and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa wrote a letter to International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach asking for the Slovenian team to carry the EU flag.

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Donald Tusk predicts an EU collapse after member states push back against EU interference.

Donald Tusk, ex-President of the European Council, warned Friday that conflicts between Poland and Hungary with the European Union could lead to the bloc’s collapse. This warning came amid an increasing tension over democratic standards. Brussels and Warsaw are at odds over issues like the independence of the judiciary, press…

poland EU law supremacy
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POLAND FIGHTS the EU in cour to see whose law is reigns supreme.

THE EU Commission is bracing for a serious clash with Poland as it awaits a court ruling on the country’s controversial judicial review. A top Polish court postponed a ruling on whether the constitution takes precedence over EU treaties on Tuesday, in a case that could bring Warsaw’s conflict with Brussels over the rule…

Viktor Oban EU recovery fund
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EU play Politics, refusing to release recovery funds to Hungary.

HUNGARY has slammed the European Union, demanding access to the recovery funds as other countries’ plans are approved. Christopher Pitchers, Euronews reporter, highlighted growing frustrations from Hungary with the EU. The European Union accepted 12 of the 27 coronavirus recovery plans from its member countries.  Those States included: France, Portugal,…

Peter Kofod MEP
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VIRAL VIDEO – Danish MEP Destroys EU’s Commissioner for Migration and Homeland Affairs With Some Home Truths.

On Tuesday, Peter Kofod, a Danish MEP, called out Ylva Johansson (EU’s Commissioner for Migration and Homeland Affairs), in a plenary session of the European Parliament. He accused her of being on another planet if it doesn’t seem like there’s still a massive migration crisis affecting Europe. According to the…

EU Superstate
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15 EU Member States push back against the United States of Europe.

In a bitter blow to the EU superstate pushers, 15 EU nations have signed a document stating they are going to rally against the EU Commissions push for a United States of Europe.  The document called “declaration of values” has now been put forward to declare the nation state as…

ECJ challenges Poland
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EU legal Order challenged by Poland’s legal system. If they win, it “will destroy the union itself.”

According to a top eurocrat, the EU could be destroyed from the sheer weight of legal challenges from fellow member states. Over the last few years, the EU has tried to contest member states who have gone against EU rules. This has worried some top eurocrats who now believe the…

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PETTY POLITICS – Guy Verhofstadt loses it after he wasn’t able to rub the Pride Flag in Viktor Orban face.

A decision by UEFA has cause Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt to lose it after the Munich Mayors request to light the Munich stadium in Pride Colours was denied by the footballing body.  The German mayor’s request was a political move in protest to laws passed by the Hungarian parliament that are…

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People aren’t falling for it: The EU holds “Conference of the Future of Europe” to win people over to push ahead for an ever closer union. 

On Saturday, the EU is holding a “Conference of the Future of Europe” event in Strasbourg, aiming to get people’s opinions to make those in the EU feel more involved in the push for ever closer union. This is being pushed as an inclusive exercise. Some feel the move for an…

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PROTEST – Irish fishermen are fuming after being sold out by their cowering politicians.

IRISH fishermen are to stage an angry protest in Dublin over claims the Dublin Government “sold out trawlermen to the EU”. The Irish fishers are not happy with the quota given and the over crowding of fellow EU boats in their waters. Its said a flotilla of vessels from across…

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VIKTOR ORBAN – takes the fight to those who “wish to create a European empire”.

HUNGARIAN prime minister Viktor Orban has been demanding the EU removes the term “ever closer union” from the EU treaty. Viktor said he’s sick of Brussels punishing “democratically elected governments it does not like”, using “imperialistic” orders. Orban said the EU keep creeping towards a “European empire.” “Brussels is led…

EU lose court case with AstraZeneca
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HOW EMBARRASSING – EU bosses lose AstraZeneca Court battle after judge destroys their case to sue for hundreds of millions of Euros if their demands weren’t met.

The EU commission was sent packing after a top judge destroyed their lawsuit. The EU wanted AstraZeneca to ship 120 million vaccine doses by the end of this month, or they would fine the drug maker hundreds of millions of pounds. The judge decided to destroy the EU’s claim instead,…

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EU Commissioner states they will “react firmly” if the UK doesn’t adhere to the Nothern Ireland Protocol.

With the EU becoming more desperate to reattach the UK to the EU, the EU financial services commissioner, Mairead McGuinness, has warned the Prime Minister, the EU would “react firmly” if the UK moves further away from the Northern Ireland Protocol agreement. This statement from the Commissioner  shows that due to…

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Irish MEP publically disrespects Lord David Frost during a committee meeting where he labelled the UK minister untrustworthy.

Mr Andrews told the committee chair that to be “Quite honestly, I don’t say this lightly, but I don’t believe David Frost is a trustworthy interlocutor,” “He is of a cohort that has consistently underplayed the significance of Brexit for the island of Ireland. They have consistently ignored warnings about…

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Yanis Varoufakis labels European Council President Charles Michel ignorant after his supposed unifying statement BACKFIRES.

In a fiery out exchange, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis hit back at European Council President Charles Michel, who last night insinuated the EU had been the saviour of Greece. The European Council President said: “Since you, Greece, formally joined our common Europe, which had always been yours, you…

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EU orders the UK and Jersey to suspend their new system that controls access into British fishing waters.

EU Fishing bosses are not happy with the UK and Jersey, accusing them of breaching the Trade and Cooperation agreement around fishing rights. Despite Jersey giving the EU till the 1st of July to submit the appropriate paperwork required to get a fishing license under the new rules, the EU…

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Ireland is Furious – Norway put its fishermen first, taking back control of its Mackerel fishing quotas with a 50% increase. EU say it’s ‘Not acceptable!’

Charlie McConalogue, Dublin’s Mnister for Agriculture isn’t happy after Norway decided to take back control of it’s Mackerel quota increasing it by over 50%. Charlie McConalogue said: “This declaration by Norway to hugely increase its fishery for mackerel is a direct threat to the sustainabil quaity of the mackerel fishery…


EU alarm bells ring as MEP admits bailout won’t cover the economic cost of Brexit

Considering the EU stated the biggest loser from Brexit would be Britain, the EU member states give a different story. According to Belgium MEP Pascal Arimont, the bailout money to cover the black hole of Brexit is nowhere near covering the cost of the damage. Pascal Arimont told the press…