Von der Leyen denies claims that report was altered due to Chinese pressure

Italian MEP sends a message to Brussels – “Dear European bureaucrats, you are out of your mind. Italy’s people are sick of paying for Europe. “

Commission President Ursula Von de Leyen apologises to Italy.

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Brexit Bashing Junker set to make hundreds of thousands in promoting EU “expansionist vision”

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EU DIVISION /// Matteo Salvini publicly denounces EU financial plans.

Yanis Varoufakis Slams EU: “The Italian finance minister, throughout the night, was bullied to concede — as I had been in 2015.”

Guy Verhofstadt defends EUs handling of the Coronavirus

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Spanish PM highlighting the lack of solidarity from the EU

European Parliament President regrets the EU not acting quickly enough in its response to COVID 19.

Paris in shut down

It’s crunch time for the EU

Italy’s Pro EU voters vent fury over EU coronavirus help ‘Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless.’

Germany struggles, accusing US for second face mask shipment being seized in a week

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