Former Labour adviser – Dominic Cumming saga “entirely about brexit”, then claims more people are going to die from COVID 19 due to “saving Dominic Cummings.”

DISGUSTING – Gutter press witch hunt stunt has gone to far.

NEW VIDEO – Pro EU MSM and Pro EU politicians do all they can to rid of Dominic Cummings. WHY?

The left attack each other after failing to oust Brexiteer Dominic Cummings

FAKE NEWS EXPOSED – “Hydroxychloroquine will kill you”say the Mainstream Media as they attack Trump.

UK receives £9Billion in coronavirus aid from the EU under withdrawal agreement rules.

Anti-lockdown protest: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother given a fine by Police.

Voter “Please, do not give the Italians and the Spanish the money.” Dutch PM quickly responds “no, no, no”. EU division.

Why are our borders not shut to nonessential travel during lockdown? Here’s the governments response.

Barnier’s connection to the alleged Chinese Covid 19 lab

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Brexiteer Mark Francois: “We aren’t happy with China”

Von der Leyen denies claims that report was altered due to Chinese pressure

Should our borders be better protected and shut to all nonessential travel while the UK is in lockdown?

CONTROVERSIAL VIDEO – Dr Erickson releases new COVID 19 figures which contradict computer model projections.

EU commission release video “coronavirus story so far”, yet forget to mention their lack of help to Italy.

Tony Blair criticises Boris Johnson’s handling of COVID 19.

Coronacrisis shows that European Union is SICK! German MEP Beck warns European Parliament

China ‘should face consequences’ for coronavirus: Trump

US and UK forces join together in criticising China’s coronavirus coverup.