US Media Label Trump racist for saying COVID 19 came from China.

Ms Patel we need to take responsibility on curbing covid 19

Home Secretary: It’s “Not about heavy-handed law enforcement” but “we do need to all take responsibility”.

Trump grills ‘propaganda reporter’ and asks ‘do you work for China?

EU nations have agreed on a sum of 500 billion Euros to help the bloc’s hard-hit economies

EU start to use propaganda to push for an extension, but you’ve got to ask yourself why?

EU Professor /// Macron could lead a breakaway bloc as EU division worsens.

EU DIVISION /// Matteo Salvini publicly denounces EU financial plans.

Guy Verhofstadt defends EUs handling of the Coronavirus

EU member states disagree on a collective coronavirus exit plan. Instead countries choose to exit their own way.

Spanish PM highlighting the lack of solidarity from the EU

European Parliament President regrets the EU not acting quickly enough in its response to COVID 19.

Paris in shut down

It’s crunch time for the EU

US President Donald Trump sends his prayers and well wishes to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Italy’s Pro EU voters vent fury over EU coronavirus help ‘Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless.’

Germany struggles, accusing US for second face mask shipment being seized in a week

The EU is playing with fire “if Italy falls, then the eurozone and EU falls, and then we fall as well.”

FAILING EU IN PANIC “No single country will be left behind in this crisis” says EU Commissioner

Full Coronavirus numbers UK wide /// Saturday 4th April

When the going gets tough, the EU can NOT get going. Will Italy be the next to leave the EU?

Italian MEP Ignazio Corrao SLAMS Germany /// The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting all the world and we see sharks in the sea.