UNBELIEVABLE – Illegal Migrant Smuggling ring infiltrated, £7000 per person, Police hold you for 24 hrs then place you in a hotel.

British Fisherman, Paul Lines states Britains fishing industry “could be the best industry in the world if it is done properly.”

Angry Conservative MP slams the French as they demand £30 million towards their patrol boats to stop illegal migrants coming to Britain.

Richard Tice has a simple solution for the Channel migrant crisis “Rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais”

Barnier wants joint control over fisheries, Boris refuses to play ball.

Conservative Dover MP, Natalie Elphicke expresses her anger – what’s happening in the English Channel is “unacceptable”, this needs to be “brought to an end”.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – VIDEO – Home Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into the increase in migrants crossing the Channel by boat. Over 100 illegal migrants enter British waters today.

BRILLIANT VIDEO – Sen. Ted Cruz EXPOSES the big corporations who fund “Marxist” Black lives matter.

Remainer UK US trade deal fear narratives taken apart by Brexiteer Shanker Singham.

VIDEOS – ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – On scene witness: “The French are now escorting boats into our waters and abandoning them”

EU Commission responds “we are not going to get into a debate with British politicians”over UK being liable for £160 billion to the EU. It “has been accepted by both parties”

VIDEO – Talk RADIO presenter calls out company that uses government funds to house asylum seekers.

VIDEO – GMB went live capturing an illegal migrant boat crossing the English heading to Britain.

VIDEO – People have had enough, Save Our Children protests have broken out in the UK and US.

EU DEBT MOUNTAIN – The UK has “a potential bill of £160billion” unless the withdrawal agreement is reopened says Ian Duncan Smith.

VIDEO – Protesters outside the BBC chanting “hands off our children” and “No more lies”

Warning sent to Barnier – Britain stands firm, showing “no signs”of giving up its sovereign waters to satisfy Brussels.

VIDEO – Nigel Farage labels “paramilitary-style force marching in the streets” of Brixton yesterday as “Terrifying”.

VIDEO – French Fishermen threatens action against the British by stopping ferries and blocking ports if the UK doesn’t allow EU fisherman to fish in British waters.

Reports of 15 boats carrying 40 plus people entered into Britain illegally over the English Channel Today.