Boris shuts down remain-stream media claims of hanging fire on EU deal till after US election.

Brandon Lewis – Barnier “recognises the EU do need to move”.

LATEST -Alternative media news, Sat 24th October 2020.

The EU will never become a superpower states former top Eurocrat.

Britain signs an historic trade deal with Japan.

Brexiteer doesn’t hold back “We don’t want your level playing field”.

French fishing boats attack British Fishermen with flairs and projectiles.

The push for a “Global Britain” starts today.

Gove shuns the EU – It seems to me to be the behaviour of an organization “that is not serious about making the compromises necessary to secure a deal”

Boris shuns the EU – “Don’t bother coming to London for more talks.”

It’s decision time. Boris Johnson “will set out UK reactions and approach” to the EU tomorrow.

TRADE – Trump has the appetite to seal a post Brexit trade deal.

Joe Biden exposed as a liar by his son released secret emails.

DOCUMENT – Fifty Eighth sage meeting minutes on Covid – 19 released.

Caller demands Kier Starmer to push for an extension to the transition period. – Almost all businesses “want a delay to the Brexit process.”

Sky claim the majority of the public think the vote to leave the EU is 2016 was the wrong decision.

EU – Significant steps need to be made by the British on fisheries but also on the level playing field and governance.

Liz Truss fires back at Brussels saying: “What we’re not going to do is sign up to a deal that allows continued control of the ECJ or does over Britain’s fisheries.”

Piers Morgan baits reaction from the left after government boycotts GMB for over 160 days.

Angry Tory MP – 90 minutes to discuss something that’s “changed the nature of the relationship between state and citizen is not good enough”

WATCH LIVE – Presidential debate between Donald J Trump vs Joe Biden.

Gove calls EU’s bluff after they threaten to walk away – “Britain will not be backing down on brexit legislation”

The Liberal Democrat’s just don’t listen – Motion at party conference passed to rejoin the EU at an undisclosed future date.

We are not living as a free people – Steve Baker Conservative MP.

Jeremy Corbyn rants about Britain being a place of safety for “refugees” who land on the Kent coast.

New UKIP style party could be launched next month headed up by Actor Laurence Fox.

French are furious as pressure on Boris to drop the Internal Market Bill fails. Boris defiantly ploughs on.


OPPORTUNIST – With Keir Starmer, we are given a man with out a plan, trying to act like the statesman.

Boris Johnson’s sister says alcohol should be banned till a vaccine is found.

Nigel Farage – “At no point has that pipsqueak Hancock admitted he’s got anything wrong.”

Brexiteer Dr Liam Fox makes it to round two in a bid to become the next World Trade Organisation Director General.

LIVE POLL – Ed Davey says the government should shift focus away from Brexit onto tackling coronavirus.

SHOCKING – EU Commission President quotes Margaret Thatcher as a dig at Boris in her state of the Union Speech.

MOD offers use of Napier Ex Military Barracks to house illegal migrant that cross the English Channel.

WARNING – Nigel Farage is gearing up to take out Pro EU Tory rebels at next election.

Alastair Campbell shutdown: “A lot of people think your friend Tony Blair isn’t in any position to give lectures on international law given he singed for the (illegal) Iraq war”

Peter Bone stands strong for Britain – The EU “clearly breached” the withdrawal agreement not Britain.

Jim Davidson rants about illegal migration, destroying the WOKE! Gary Lineker.

Reports suggest over 50 boats full of Migrants have crossed the English Channel illegally making it into Britain today.

LIVE POLL – Do you support Boris Johnson’s new COVID-19 social restrictions?

Ed Davey concedes saying rejoining the EU is “for the birds”.

EU FURY – Over Britains post Brexit fishing plans – “Barnier cannot budge while this stays on the table. He would be crucified.”

Nigel Farage – Support in Boris will “evaporate” if he doesn’t get tough on those who come to Britain illegally.

WATCH – Kay Burley labels Ex Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott “A homophobe and misogynist”.

When the government has an 80 seat majority, why is this crisis in the English Channel happening?

NEW RECORD – A huge amount of illegal migrants have crossed the English Channel making it to Britain since Monday.

EU needs Britain to sign up to anti sovereign “Level playing field” terms to keep control over the UK post Brexit.

German Minister demands agreement on fisheries under “common resources” or there will be no deal.

LIVE POLL – How would you like to see Britain exit UK – EU trade talks? – Have your say.

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott states a deal between UK and should be in place with Australia “as of January 1st next year” on goods, entirely free of quotas and tariffs.

Richard Tice – “There’s still a possibility of no deal. I am completely relaxed about no deal.”

UK Fisherman hits back – When has a coastal state accepted that a trade deal with another nation includes having free access to its natural resources. “ That’s just not an accepted norm”

Conservative MP urges UK negotiators – “You cannot compromise on fishing”

Boris is being urged to pull the withdrawal agreement and replace it with a “sovereign compliant deal”.

Britains fishing industry is set to BOOM post Brexit.

EU negotiator snubbed UKs “roll-on, roll-off” ports proposal.

Fear grows as “Mad” French Fishermen threaten to blockade all access to goods and people between Britain and France from Transition period end date.

CLASHES – Americans take to the streets, pushing back against the far left anarchists and rioters.

Former Brexit Party MEP – After Brexit Boris should “ban supertrawlers, increase quotas for British fishermen” this would “re-energise our coastal communities” and economy.

EU overwhelmingly reject Britains plan to stop migrants crossing the Channel entering Britain illegally.


HYPOCRITE – Guy Verhofstadt asks Britain “are you awake?”to Russian interference in elections while he himself interfered in the UK Election.

BREXIT – “UK are the weaker negotiation partner” claims Jonathan Portes, professor of economics and public policy at Kings College London.

VIDEO – Sir Gerald Howarth explains in detail “how incredibly appalled and frustrated Priti Patel is” over the Channel crisis.

A 16 year old Sudanese boy found washed up near Calais after attempting to cross the English Channel into Britain.

UNBELIEVABLE – Lib Dem councillor claims the situation in the Channel is “NOT A CRISIS”.

“This is a £1million-a-day industry of people smugglers” Richard Tice blasts the government of the Channel Crisis.

Home Office responds to Nigel Farage’s latest video on Priti Patel.

UNBELIEVABLE – The French have 84% of the Cod quota from British waters. EU gives Britain given just 9%.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS – Here’s what you, the people said on current issues, immigration, brexit and much more.

HEATED DEBATE – Esther Krakue, destroys Remainer liberal, Femi Oluwole after being asked “are the Police Institutionally racist.”

VIDEO – Tory Minister, Chris Philp “We are working at pace” to make the joint migrant crisis plan between the U.K. and France a reality.

UNBELIEVABLE – Illegal Migrant Smuggling ring infiltrated, £7000 per person, Police hold you for 24 hrs then place you in a hotel.

British Fisherman, Paul Lines states Britains fishing industry “could be the best industry in the world if it is done properly.”

Angry Conservative MP slams the French as they demand £30 million towards their patrol boats to stop illegal migrants coming to Britain.

Richard Tice has a simple solution for the Channel migrant crisis “Rather than nicely escorting them to Dover, It’s very simple, they turn around and they take them back to Calais”

Barnier wants joint control over fisheries, Boris refuses to play ball.

Conservative Dover MP, Natalie Elphicke expresses her anger – what’s happening in the English Channel is “unacceptable”, this needs to be “brought to an end”.

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – VIDEO – Home Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into the increase in migrants crossing the Channel by boat. Over 100 illegal migrants enter British waters today.

BRILLIANT VIDEO – Sen. Ted Cruz EXPOSES the big corporations who fund “Marxist” Black lives matter.

Remainer UK US trade deal fear narratives taken apart by Brexiteer Shanker Singham.

VIDEOS – ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS – On scene witness: “The French are now escorting boats into our waters and abandoning them”

EU Commission responds “we are not going to get into a debate with British politicians”over UK being liable for £160 billion to the EU. It “has been accepted by both parties”

VIDEO – Talk RADIO presenter calls out company that uses government funds to house asylum seekers.

VIDEO – GMB went live capturing an illegal migrant boat crossing the English heading to Britain.

VIDEO – People have had enough, Save Our Children protests have broken out in the UK and US.

EU DEBT MOUNTAIN – The UK has “a potential bill of £160billion” unless the withdrawal agreement is reopened says Ian Duncan Smith.

VIDEO – Protesters outside the BBC chanting “hands off our children” and “No more lies”

Warning sent to Barnier – Britain stands firm, showing “no signs”of giving up its sovereign waters to satisfy Brussels.

VIDEO – Nigel Farage labels “paramilitary-style force marching in the streets” of Brixton yesterday as “Terrifying”.

VIDEO – French Fishermen threatens action against the British by stopping ferries and blocking ports if the UK doesn’t allow EU fisherman to fish in British waters.

Reports of 15 boats carrying 40 plus people entered into Britain illegally over the English Channel Today.

Guy Verhofstadt left fuming after Donald Trump pulls troops out of Germany, labelling them “Delinquent”

Boris stands firm as EU stall negotiations over fisheries in the hope UK negotiators backdown.

Liz Truss launches a new “Trade and Agriculture Commission” bringing the best of Britain together.

Great start to trade talks between Britain, and “one of our oldest friends” New Zealand.

Dominic Cummings throws a spanner in Barniers “Level Playing Field” plan.

VIDEO – Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce clash in heated debate over the current Brexit No Deal projection.

SNP labels Boris Johnson as “the most unpopular Prime Minister in Scotland since Thatcher”.

VIDEO – UNBELIEVABLE SCENES – Anarchists go to the streets in Portland, it’s like a WAR ZONE.