GO BO JO /// BORIS JOHNSON SMASHES THE EXTENSION BALL INTO THE LONG GRASS “The transition period ends on December 31, 2020, as enshrined in UK law”

DONT DO IT BORIS /// Media reporting Boris could soon announce an extension.

Von der Leyen /// A new “Marshall Plan” to stoke Europe’s recovery in the coronavirus catastrophe

Italian politicians warn Germany the EU is over!


Alternative Political Report /// Rig For Red, Everything Has Meaning, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Former head of the Dutch Central Bank /// A new catastrophe will begin as soon as this crisis is over

Brussels scramble to put forward unemployment scheme as EU wide job losses skyrocket

EU orders Boris to extend transition period /// It MUST be delayed!

EU credibility on the line due to coronavirus crisis, says France

Dutch PM denies blocking EU emergency fund for Covid-19 out of selfishness

Virus hits home with EU asking how united do we want to be?

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

Migrants with coronavirus ‘inevitably entering UK’ illegally.

Furious MEP erupts at EU for being ‘too focused on climate change’ to tackle coronavirus

SHOCKING: German banks earned Billions in profits off the Greek debt crisis’ while Greeks suffered.

EU Parliament told to use MEPs’ £1million weekly expenses to fund vital medical supplies

End of the EU? Growing fury at ‘repugnant’ response as Italy condemns Brussels as ‘dead’

We are leaving the EU

No delay! Brexit WILL happen on December 31 – coronavirus won’t block EU exit

Oh dear, Brussels! Boris has ‘already won first round’ of Brexit talks in EU fishing war