TENSIONS FRAYING: Germany told to cough up more money to fund France…

Belgium are fearing a negotiation breakdown between EU and Downing Street as 42,000 Belgium Jobs are on the line…

New french EU fisheries chairman said"We request a reciprocal access to U.K. waters” “nothing more, nothing less"

New immigration policy has sent the mainstream media into a mass project fear, propaganda overdrive…

Miss Patel:"Today is a historic moment for the entire nation. We're ending free movement”

Michel Barnier to use migrants like pawns in a game of chess in a desperate bid to gain access into U.K. fishing waters

UK negotiator David Frost – “We just want what other independent nations have” meaning U.K. will not be a rule taker.

Mr Salvini – "Either we change the rules of Europe or we'll do exactly the same as the British”

Labour MP Dawn Butler suggests that a baby is born without a biological sex? Has Labour gone mad???

Possible Labour leader Lisa Nandy said this about a male child rapist who now identifies as a woman…

Whatever it takes to get border wall built is what we need: Candidate

Boris Johnson’s UK trade mandate is to stand firm on Britain’s freedoms outside EU rules and regulations.

“BITTER BLOODY CONFLICT” – EU affirms to police UK subsidies, impose rules on tax regime and demand the government to aligning with the EU's criteria.

MEP tears down EU chiefs: Also Brexit was about rules to favour big business & citizens left behind!

DEAD OR DYING FISH – 800,000 – 900,000 tons of fish are discarded back into the sea every year under EU’s common fisheries policy…

Facts on why the common fisheries policy was so bad for Britain?

German factory orders dropping like a stone – "Steepest decline in factory orders"

DOOMSTERS WERE WRONG – Stats show U.K. Growth rate outperforming the EU

Austrian MEP warns Brussels is no longer epi-center of decisionmaking but London, do NOT maltreat UK

Boris Johnson – "British fishing grounds are first and foremost for British boats"