SHOCKING FOOTAGE – Protesters clashing with Police in London.

EU negotiators demand the UK to sign to their “level playing field” agenda, for better deal on financial services.

The Scottish First Minister sided with the EU, bragging how she tried to derail Brexit.

Peter Mandelson and EU Trade chief Phil Hogan, throw their hats into the ring to be the next head of WTO.

Michel Barneir mocks UK negotiators: “we will not make any progress if the British continue to pick raisins”

SHOCKING VIDEO’S – Alastair Campbell mocks war veterans and his daughter tributes a video to the Cummings family.

DUP’s Sammy Wilson, tackles SDLP in Northern Ireland, after they blame coronavirus for their latest attempt to push for an extension.

NEW VIDEO: UK trade negotiator David Frost confirms on camera, UK “WILL NOT” be accepting any request, nor will the UK extend negotiations beyond the year end deadline.

NEW VIDEO – Nigel Farage uncovers how the French Navy are hiding their tracks when helping migrants into British waters.

READ THE TWO LETTERS – EU Chief negotiator and UK Chief negotiator clash in their response to the negotiations

VIDEO – Lord Heseltine attacks Brexit – “it’s seriously irresponsible to leave without a deal.”

VIDEO – McEnany Lays Out Alleged Crimes of ‘Obamagate’ for the FAKE NEWS media

Labour MP “We mustn’t crash out without a deal.”

Ann Widdecombe destroys the EU’s negotiation stance “There was just no unity around it”

German Constitutional Court over ruled by ECJ: “EU law has primacy over national law, European Court of Justice are binding on all national courts”

Anti-lockdown protest: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother given a fine by Police.

Nigel Farage: “our message has to be very very simple, anybody that comes to the United Kingdom illegally, you will not be allowed to stay”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slams FBI for setting up a “trap” on former national security adviser Flynn.

Keir slates Boris on TV whilst knowing more Information on the PM’s speech is to be revealed today.

Labour Remain politician admits its illegal for the UK government to ask for a trade talk extension.