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“The clock is ticking on his Presidency” GB News host gives this blistering take on Biden.

In a blistering monologue by Patrick Christy on GB News, Biden gets likened to a faulty product that needed to be taken back to the store for a full refund. Patrick said he hoped the American people still had their receipts as they were miss-sold at the last election. Patrick…


Mother of Killed Marine has her social media accounts temporarily taken down after criticising Joe Biden.

A mother of one of the Marines who died in the bomb blast outside Kabul airport last week had her Facebook and Instagram account temporarily taken offline for criticising Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. Shana Chapell, the mother of Kareem Nikoui, who was one of the Marines who was sadly…

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Alex Jones kicks off at security guards protecting an illegal immigration facility where alleged child rape claims have been made.

US Border /// Some like Alex Jones, and some don’t, but with multiple alleged claims of rape, assault, sex trafficking children being made against the illegal immigration facility in South Texas people need to know what’s going on.  Below is a video showing the stand off between Alex Jones and…

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Senator Ted Cruise releases footage showing the crisis at the US Border.

With the border being smashed by thousands of illegal immigrants coming across the US border from Mexico, footage has emerged showing how men, women and children are being kept. This all stopped under Trump, yet the left in the US still kicked off. Biden and his lefty friends haven’t been…

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France threatens Britain’s power supply if Britain tries to take back its fishing quotas in 2026.

Today, French foreign minister revealed they plan on attacking Britains power supply from France to retain access to Britains fishing waters beyond 2026. The French Minister Jean-Yves le Drian told French Broadcaster France 3 that instead of changing the fishing deal in 2026 they will maintain the current agreement…

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The left are getting violent as Trump continues to make strides in election voting results.

With Donald Trump making massive gains in many key areas, the left have now started to get violent. WHITE HOUSE: tensions rising as protesters and police begin to clash An Antifa black bloc is seen striking a police bike. Another black bloc Antifa with a…

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The White House in Lockdown, the streets of Washington DC shutdown and boarded up. Riots anticipated if Trump wins.

As voting commences in the US Presidential election, Washington DC is in shut down, boarded up, and the White House is in Lockdown. This has never happened before for any presidential election. However, with threats of violence and mass rioting coming from the left if Trump wins, precautions have been…