Priti Patel

Priti Patel refuses to support taking the knee: “I just don’t support people participating in that type of gesture politics.”

Andrew Neil Slams Macron

Andrew Neil – “President Macron is in no mood to do any favours for the Brits.” When it comes to illegal migrants crossing the Channel into Britain

Sammy Wilson, Ursula Von Der Leyen

Sammy Wilson slams EU – They are using Northern Ireland as a way to drag the UK back into the EU.

MASSIVE BLOW TO THE EU – The UK chooses Free Trade with Australia over signing up to Food and Agriculture standards with the EU.

Vice-Chair of the 1922 committee predicts freedom day will be pushed back beyond July.

With Boris Johnson predicted to pushing back the date to when Britain removes restrictions from June 21st to July 19th,…

GB News England players Takng the knee

GB News presenter, Inaya Folarin Inman, England Football Team are waging a ‘culture war on fans’ by taking the knee.

GB New Presenter Inaya Folarin Inman has today said that by England players taking the knee, it’s waging a “culture…

Angela Rayner BLM Labour leader Keir Starmet

“You’re on the same side as racists” if you boo the England Players for taking the knee, according to Angela Rayner.

With the first England match underway yesterday, the crowd started to boo the England players after they took the knee…

Emmanuel Macron Boris Johnson

EMMANUEL MACRON fired a shocking statement at Boris, claiming Northern Ireland is a separate country from the United Kingdom.

The EU mask dropped yesterday after Emmanuel Macron claimed Northern Ireland is a separate country from the United Kingdom. This…

Emily Thornberry Andrew Marr

EMBARRASSING – Marr had to explain to Labours Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry about EU alignment. She hasn’t a clue.

Labours International Trade Secretary really hasnt a clue about trade and the consequences of aligning with the EU on Food…

Priti Patel instructs social media giants to clamp down on those who glorifying the Channel Migrant Crossings.

In a heated debate on TalkRADIO, Julia Hartley-Brewer asks Tory Kent MP, Damien Collins how will social media companies distinguish…

BORIS JOHNSON – If the EU doesn’t see sense regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, we won’t hesitate to “invoke Article 16”

In an interview with Beth Rigby on Sky News, BORIS JOHNSON was pressed regarding Northern Ireland Protocol. Boris slammed the…