Blackboy clock
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WOKE mob strikes again, this time they target a small statue above a clock in a small Cotswolds Village.

The latest target of the woke mob is a tiny statue of an African Boy that stands over a clock in a small Cotswolds village. The WOKE mob believe it is racist and want it removed. With the public familiar with cancel culture, it comes as no surprise the WOKE…


Former UKIP leader and Independent reporter share what went on in Dover yesterday after multiple beach landings hit Britain. It’s a “National Scandal”

With the media giving their version of events regarding the beach landing around the southern coast, Steve Laws, an independent reporter at Dover, shares his view after what he witnessed and reports on what went on. Mr Laws stated that yesterday, multiple beach landings happened along the Kent shore compared…

Ramsgate migrant invasion
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WATCH – Here’s the moment 26 migrants cross the Channel, illegally pulling onto Britain’s shores on Ramsgate Beach.

On Thursday morning, with the Channel waters calm, beachgoers filmed 26 people land illegally on Ramsgate shores. As soon as the Illegal Migrants touched the sand, they dispersed along the coast.  The Beach invasion was caught on Camera by those who were visiting. Eventually, the authorities turned up at the…

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UK Holiday Park set to roll out Covid Passport rules from September.

From September, Covid Passports will be required to enter large venues in well known UK holiday camp. With the government changing guidelines from September regarding who is privileged enough to participate in large-scale public events, the Covid Passport is being set up for mandatory implementation. This means the UK government…

Anti Lockdown
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Protesters against Lockdown were met by Police after attempting to enter the Television Centre in London.

Yesterday protesters against lockdown Britain attempted to enter the Television Centre studios. A crowd of people who were protesting against Lockdown were filmed running to the Studioworks building. The Large crowd tried to push their way into the building but were met by the Met Police, who were guarding the…

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“YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY” – Hungarian PM Viktor Orban explains why he strongly protects his country from those who try to enter illegally.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, The Hungarian PM Viktor Orban explains why he strongly protects the Hungarian border against those who try to illegally enter the country. The Hungarian PM tells the American Fox News host that the reason he stands strong in the face of angry leaders from…

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RNLI crew members told to isolate after coming in contact with a Covid positive Channel migrant.

Today it’s been reported that members of the RNLI Lifeboat service, have had to self-isolate after one of the rescued migrants tested positive for Covid-19. An RNLI Lifeboat was dispatched to assist Border Force personnel in a mid-channel pick up on Wednesday, 4 August. It’s been reported on the Steve…

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238 Channel Migrants arrived in Dover yesterday.

With the weather staying warm and the seas being calm, the flood of illegal migrants entering Britain by crossing the Channel continues. In her latest report from Dover Docks, XxTWxX states 283 migrants touched down in Britain yesterday. This after the British last week gave the French authorities £54 Million…

Freedom day yougov poll

Latest poll shows only 16% think life is back to normal since supposed freedom day.

With the narrative in the media being pushed that we will be in lockdown with Covid Passports dictating life come the autumn, is it any wonder why people still feel as if we are under lockdown rules even though we’ve supposedly been given back our freedom. According to the latest…

Health Descrimination

SHOCKING VIDEO – The two tier society begins in Britain.

With the Government allowing and encouraging business to discriminate against people due to their health status, the two tier society is now at work on Britains streets. This isn’t Britain as we know it. What have the Government created?

Nigel Farage mocks Keir Starmer
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“The ship had sailed” – Nigel Farage mocks Starmers late to the party RNLI comment.

With Nigel Farage having blockbuster numbers watching his show, Nigel hit back at Starmers 18 hour delayed message supporting the RNLI controversial illegal migrant video. Farage spoke last night for the third time about the controversial use by the RNLI of ferrying migrants to England. He noted that he was…

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LIVE – Valiant on route to Dover Docks after mid Channel Pick up

With the weather remaining sunny, the UK Border force are returning to Dover Docks with boat load of illegal migrants. 

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WATCH LIVE – Freedom March from Trafalgar Square.


Cancelled Comedian doesn’t hold back with his truthtelling sketch.

After Comedian Andrew Lawrence was cancelled, dropped by his management, had shows cancelled and removed from Twitter, he releases a new video where he slams the political system that wants him silenced. While his sketch is comedy based, some of his views are not far wrong.


Greenpeace expose illegal foreign trawlers fishing in protected British waters.

With EU trawlers being told to stay away from protected marine areas in British waters, some have been switching off their satalite rrackers and plundering our waters with their nets illegally. A video has emerged showing Greenpeace exposing these foreign ships, filming them in the act of taking fish from…

Calvin Robinson BLM

WATCH | Calvin Robinson slams BLM – We know what taking the knee stands for, and what its associated with.

With the Mainstream media trying to pull a fast one by changing the reasoning as to why football players first started to take the knee, Political commentator Calvin Robinson hit back. Calvin said, to say that BLM isn’t associated with why football players took the knee is a complete lie….

English Channel Migrant Crisis Dover UK Border Force

WIDE OPEN BORDERS – 825 migrants enter Britian illegally in three days.

Today the Daily Mail reported 825 illegal migrants arrived in Britain in three days. The numbers are increasing as the weather warms. Footage from xxTWxx This shocking influx of 346 migrants arrived in the UK illegally via small boats on Sunday. It is the largest single-day of migration this year….

Migrant crisis

WATCH | Channel Migrants go on the run after boat beaches on Britains shores.

A video has emerged showing illegal channel migrants beaching on Britain’s southern shores, and going on the run. People were standing on the beach in shock, filming what was going on. Last week Priti Patel said she was going to get touch on those who are breaking into Britain but…

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Front Page of The National Backfires leaving Pro indy ref 2 supporters ANGRY.

A SCOTTISH nationalist newspaper has been branded “embarrassing” after urging the country to back Italy in tomorrow’s Euro 2020 final. The Saturday edition of The National depicted Roberto Mancini as Scottish national hero William Wallace, who triumphed over the English in the late-13th century. Its headline pleaded with Italy’s coach…

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Commentator slams the hard left for trying to cancel school children singing Fat Les’s football hit.

Calvin Robinson slammed the hard left after they harassed a school for posting a cover song on Twitter. The harassment was so bad, the school had to take down their Twitter profile. In honour of the Euros 2020, Primary school children in Lancashire recreated Fat Les’s chart-topping song Vindaloo. The…

US Embassy cheers on England
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COME ON!… Aaron Snipes from the US Embassy releases footage of the EXPLOSION of joy when England scored last night.

With England winning 4 – 0 against Ukraine last night, some have said it’s taken them a while to get into the Football.  A video has been released on Twitter showing the US embassy spokesperson Aaron Snipe in London Exploding with joy when England scored last night. I think the…

Dover Migrant crisis
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“PARASITES OF THE COUNTRY” MEDIC LOSES HIS TEMPER at those who document the migrant crisis in Dover

A medic from the illegal migrant facility in Dover decided to vent off at those who have been documenting the arrivals of the illegal migrants who have crossed the English Channel in small boats, entering Britain illegally. This footage from independent public journalist Steve Laws shows the medic having a…

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Immigration lawyer Harjap Singh Bhangal questions Priti Patel’s plan to keep migrants offshore.

Immigration lawyer Harjap Singh Bhangal has said there had been a fall In those claiming asylum outside the UK. Yet, those coming to Britain by crossing the channel on a small boat has gone up. Harjap Singh Bhangal said: “it’s a bit surprising that it comes [priti Patel’s migration plan]…

Matt Hancock, Dan wootten
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Dan Wootton labels Matt Hancock a “FAKE”- “Hancock thought there was one rule for him and his mates and another for us mugs.”

Dan Wootton set the record straight in a blistering takedown of the former Health Secretary Matt Hancocks actions. Dan Wootton said: “Hancock’s shame is nothing to do with his behaviour although naturally my heart goes out to his loyal wife who he has brutally dumped.” “The biggest disgrace of this…

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The Channel Migrant Crisis continues with 124 escorted to Britain today.

With the migrant crisis on the Southern Border still escalating, today, there was a total of 124 migrants that made it into Britain after being taxied to Britain by the UK Border Force. On Telegram, XxTWxX posted footage and this statement: “After being out on the Channel all day, Seeker…