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German minister tipped to take over Chancellor Merkel side steps EU wanting a trade deal with closer ties to the UK.

ARMIN Laschet, widely projected to succeed Angela Merkel as German Chancellor, has thrown his support behind a bid to reach a bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom, a decision that is unlikely to impress Brussels.  In a letter to Dr Reiner Haseloff, President of the Bundesrat, or Federal Council, which…

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Angered Macron wants Brussels to come down hard on Britain in current Brexit Negotiations.

As discussions between the UK and the EU continue to deteriorate, Emmanuel Macron is becoming increasingly frustrated with Brussels’ soft response to the current Brexit negotiating row.  According to reports, French President Emmanuel Macron is pressuring the EU to be tougher on Downing Street in the Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol…

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Today’s election in Norway is akin to a “mini-Brexit,” with eurosceptic parties competing for power.

With anti-Brussels lawmakers gaining traction ahead of today’s national elections, a new wave of euroskepticism could be unleashed in Norway. The country heads to the polls today, and one of the primary discussion issues will be the country’s relationship with the European Union, as well as the future of oil…

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Merkel left red-faced after Polish President palms off meeting with the German leader.

On the final visit to Poland before she steps down as German Chancellor, Merkel was given the cold shoulder by the Polish President Andrzej Duda. A local news outlet reported the Polish President refused to meet up with Merkel in Warsaw on Saturday on her last trip before she steps…

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Europhile Michel Barnier SHOCKS BRUSSELS after saying France should “no longer be subject to the rulings of the CJEU or the ECHR”.

In a move that some would say was hypocritical, former EU Brexit Negotiator and the man who tried to stop Brexit Michel Barnier has said that he would like to see a referendum on French “Legal Sovereignty” from EU courts. This move comes after Michel Barnier threw his hat into…

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FIGHT FOR PRIMACY – Brussels slap Poland with daily fines for not implementing EU court rulings.

Today, the EU has requested the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to slapped daily fines onto Poland unless they implement an EU Court ruling that was handed down. EU officials charged Warsaw with failing to comply with a July court order to “immediately suspend” its punishment system…

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Former Irish Diplomat seeks to put a wedge between Dublin and Brussels while renewing the relationship with the UK.

Former Irish Diplomat has today slammed the current and former Irish Taoiseach. Ray Bassett, who took to Twitter to announce that he was putting his name forward to run for the countries Seanad (the Irish version of the House of Lords), has accused the Irish leaders of prioritising the interests…

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Big tech plough $100million to influence EU policy making decisions on internet rules in Europe.

THE European Union has been holding meetings with hundreds of big tech firms. It is revealed the industry is piling millions of dollars into lobbying EU officials every year to influence the agenda for internet rules in Europe. The news comes as a recent report from Corporate Europe Observatory and…

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As the UK’s economy powers ahead, the EU can’t keep up. Italy growth out performs Germany.

Telegraph columnist exposes the EU’s economy as it drags down the world economy. As other economy’s steam ahead, the EU does not see the post covid growth they need to be on par with pre-pandemic levels. The US economy has already regained the ground it lost in the pandemic. China…

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EU DIVIDED – Propaganda causes massive rift between Northern and Southern countries. An economist calls out Brussels.

According to a Spanish economist, northern Europeans are fed EU propaganda, saying they must pay more taxes to make sure the economies of their southern members do not collapse. According to a Spanish economist, This has caused a massive division in the EU. Due to EU propaganda, the Northern Countries…

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HUXIT? – A popular Hungarian Newspaper tries to push Orban down the path of a possible Hungarian exit from the EU.

Speculations are rife that Hungary may be preparing for the UK style exit from the EU. This is after a pro-government newspaper called for a national discussion about a possible HUXIT (Hungary’s EU Exit). However, this has sparked a massive backlash in Hungary with claims Victor Orban, the Hungarian Prime…

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Michel Barnier’s Presidential dream crashes at 8% in the polls compared to Macron and Le Pen, who are both on 25%.

Soon after Barnier put his hat into the ring to face Macron in Next Years French Presidential Race, people are suggesting his campaign will flop. Mr Barnier declared his intention to stand against Macron in Next years election as the unity candidate who will heal division. Barnier said: “In these…

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Macrons sidekick demands Brussels to negotiate a new migration deal with the UK before the flood of Afghan Migrants cross into the EU.

Clement Beaune has enraged some Tory MPs after the French Presidents sidekick demands the Brussels to negotiate a new migration deal with the UK so more migrants can cross the Channel into Britain.  The Taliban’s takeover of Kabul and surrounding areas has sparked fear that a tsunami of migrants from…

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Italy’s Salvini refuses to have an open door to potential terroists from Afghanistan.

Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s most popular political party, has said his country will welcome Afghans in genuine need of refuge. Salvini continued saying, but they will not open the door to thousands of fighting age males as it may cause a security threat to the county’s safety going…

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Poland fights back, slapping down the EU Commission with a 7 page document outlining court rulings that go against EU primacy.

Poland has challenged the supremacy of EU law, a move that could shake the bloc’s foundations. Warsaw sent a seven-page letter detailing numerous rulings of continental courts that argued against EU law having primacy. Konrad Szymanski, Polish European Affairs Minister, even mentioned Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe as a…

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The French take to the streets against Macrons Freedom Through Showing Your Papers.

Yesterday, the people of France took to the streets in protest over Macrons tyrant style mandated regulations regarding Covid passports and vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of France, yet the media tried to play the protest down by suggesting tens of thousands turned up. Videos…

Junker has a go at Merkel
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Junker takes aim at Merkel after Germany portrays her as the savior of the EU.

Jean-Claude Juncker has blasted Angela Merkel for the EU’s lack of unity in health policy. Former President of the European Commission said that Mrs Merkel was partly to blame for the lacklustre cooperation among EU member states during the coronavirus outbreak. Le Soir, a Belgian newspaper, was informed by the…

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EU RED TAPE DEVASTATES IRISH TRADE – EU red tape costs Irish hauliers hundreds of pounds more in fees per shipment of goods to the EU.

Today, a new report found trade between the UK and the Republic of Ireland has dropped since leaving the EU due to over the top EU red tape. Trade flows between the UK and ROI has changed significantly since the introduction of EU red tape costing Irish hauliers hundreds of…

Eurosceptics unite to tear the Eu apart
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Eurosceptics unite vowing to tear “the EU apart”

According to reports, Laura Huhtasaari, a Finnish MEP, vowed to tear down the EU with other “patriotic” parties in the European Parliament. Weeks ago, Sixteen top Eurosceptic populist parties, some of who are in government, united together with one aim: to change the EU’s political direction. The following parties signed…

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BRITS PROTEST WITH THEIR WALLETS – Merkel DEVASTATED after German economy takes £12bn hit as Brits boycott EU

A new analysis suggests that Germany’s economy was hit by more than £12billion due to British consumers abandoning EU products following Brexit. The economies of France, Spain, and Belgium were also harmed as Brits voted with their wallets to protest the treatment of UK by the EU, according to research…

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Hundreds of thousands take to streets in France to Protest Macrons draconian rules.

With Macron making Vaccine passports mandatory the choice is now have a trial vaccine or you don’t have a place in society. The people of France have had enough and have taken to the streets to Fight Back.

Weber German MEP
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German MEP channels his inner Trump demanding a border to be built around the EU.

German MEP Manfred Weber decided to go all Donald Trump urging the European Union to build a border wall to stop illegal migrants from entering. Weber, the leader of the EPP Group within the EU Parliament, urged eurocrats not to be intimidated by Alexander Lukashenko, the Rogue Belarusian leader. With…

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European Commission threaten legal action against 23 EU member states after they ignore EU rules.

Brussels has threatened to start legal action against 23 EU member states because they failed to implement the bloc’s copyright rules into their national laws. All EU members, including France, Spain and Poland, were given the option of either explaining their action to why they haven’t implemented the bloc’s rules,…

EU refuse to renegotiate Northern Ireland Protocol
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EU issue London with Ultimatum after refusing to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol.

London was issued an ultimatum by Maros Sefcovic after he refused to renegotiate Brexit. Both sides are now on their summer recess. David Jones, deputy chair of European Research Group and Clwyd West MP warned that a compromise must be reached on the Northern Ireland Protocol by September.  Jones stated…

Viktor Orban LGTB child protection law referendum
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Viktor Orban sticks it to the EU and calls for a referendum to review his child protection law.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has called for a referendum to review his child protection law. This has gotten Eurocrats in a frenzy over clauses that ban teachers from teaching LGBT-themed classes. Last night, Orban, a family-focused leader, posted a Facebook video in which he said: “In recent weeks,…