VIEW – Exchange of letters between Sir Mark Sedwill and the Prime Minister

Boris fires back after Merkel warns U.K. will have to live with the fall out of Brexit.


Theresa May questions Boris Johnson on Brexit negotiations

SNP MP loses it, goes on a political rant, Frothing at the mouth. Boris says MOVE ON!

DISGUSTING: Keir Starmer adds fuel to the witch hunt fire stating “The Prime Minister has treated the British people with contempt. One rule for Dominic Cummings, another for everybody else.”

Boris Johnson – “Huawei deal is going to be significantly scaled back”

Mainstream media EXPOSED for pushing FAKE NEWS about Boris

EU try and bully the UK into an extension. Boris hasn’t wavered, still standing strong. EU look weak.

Keir slates Boris on TV whilst knowing more Information on the PM’s speech is to be revealed today.

Party doner applies pressure on Boris Johnson to extend negotiation talks.

Mark Francois speaks out after Barnier threatens No Deal unless a long-term solution is found on fisheries.

Mr Barnier hits out at Boris Johnson in an online news conference.

Britain stands strong – Barnier sounding petulant about the UK not bowing to the EU’s every need

Boris Johnson sounded incredible, sharp, energetic – Donald Trump gives update, “he’s ready to go”!

Remainer Liddington casts doom once again on the UK as we negotiate details of our exit from the EU

Why have Tony Blair and Keir Starmer been hitting the headlines? Here’s an observational view into their possible game-plan.

Boris thanks Donald Trump for his Kind support whilst he was unwell fighting coronavirus.

Tony Blair criticises Boris Johnson’s handling of COVID 19.

Boris confirms he’s “prepared to leave with no trade deal”