Tory Peer furious over EU meddling in UK affairs.

As post-Brexit tensions rise, a leading Brexiteer launched an extraordinary attack on the EU. Conservative peer Lord Moylan has blasted the continued interference from un-elected EU officials regarding domestic affairs between Britain and Northern Ireland as a row rages on over new trading rules. Following attempts to interfere in the movement between borders of chilled…

Cancelled Comedian doesn’t hold back with his truthtelling sketch.

After Comedian Andrew Lawrence was cancelled, dropped by his management, had shows cancelled and removed from Twitter, he releases a new video where he slams the political system that wants him silenced. While his sketch is comedy based, some of his views are not far wrong.

Money Missing SNP

Police investigate SNP after allegations made of £600k going missing.

Nicola Sturgeon has come under pressure to return donations after allegations were made that money given for independence campaigning has gone missing. With people without answers to where the £666,953 has gone, donors are now asking for refunds from the party. Even Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, has been receiving messages demanding money to be returned….