Downing Street planning to delaying the implementation of the Internal Market Bill till December.

New migration agreement is needed as many in the EU regard the Dublin agreement as obsolete.

EU launch another public threat towards the UK, while pushing their failed level playing field card once again.

French are furious as pressure on Boris to drop the Internal Market Bill fails. Boris defiantly ploughs on.

Viktor Orban criticises EU’s new plan to stop illegal migration.


US senate report finds mass conflict of interests as Joe Bidens son Hunter Biden enriches himself with Chinese money.

Brexiteer Brendan Chilton hits back saying: “The withdrawal agreement was nonsense”

OPPORTUNIST – With Keir Starmer, we are given a man with out a plan, trying to act like the statesman.

FINALLY THE MESSAGE HAS LANDED – Mr Singham states EU has backed down, after previously demanding the UK adhere to its state aid rules.

EU hypocrisy – Barnier’s claim that fish in British sovereign waters are not Britains, is in violation of international law.

EU – UK: Trade deal only an option, if the Internal Market Bill is removed.

EXPOSED – French Europe Minister attempts to force a deliberate split in the Conservative Party, using the Internal Market Bill as the weapon.

EU Commission Vice President delivers Britain an ULTIMATUM: “ We will not be renegotiating.” “Nothing more, nothing less.”

ENGLISH CHANNEL CRISIS: Multiple boats have been brought to Dover including Border force seeker carrying 100 illegal migrants.

Epidemiologist exposes shortfalls in Covid testing – “The test itself is insufficient in telling us if somebody is infectious or if someone is infected.”

New European Commission Vice President states No Deal is a real possibility.

Theresa May does the bidding for the EU in Parliament after scathing remarks against Boris Johnson and the Internal Market Bill.

Boris Johnson’s sister says alcohol should be banned till a vaccine is found.

Nigel Farage – “At no point has that pipsqueak Hancock admitted he’s got anything wrong.”