Nations remove the EU flags in disgust // EU is now on it’s last legs.


When the going gets tough, the EU can NOT get going. Will Italy be the next to leave the EU?

Italian MEP Ignazio Corrao SLAMS Germany /// The Covid-19 outbreak is affecting all the world and we see sharks in the sea.

GO BO JO /// BORIS JOHNSON SMASHES THE EXTENSION BALL INTO THE LONG GRASS “The transition period ends on December 31, 2020, as enshrined in UK law”

DONT DO IT BORIS /// Media reporting Boris could soon announce an extension.

The BBC are looking into charging their license fee though existing common household bills

BREAKING /// Boris Johnson claps “saying he’s very proud of our NHS”

Boris refuses the EU’s pre-organised excuse to extend the transition period

“The European project is in danger of dying” Claims former Italian prime minister.

Von De Leyen apologises to Italy but stops short on issuing monetary help through ”coronabonds.”

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World wide Coronavirus figures which the media never tell you.


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