Labour Leader RAGES at Boris Johnsons over Number 10 “bring your own booze” lockdown party. 

Following another COVID-19 rule-breaking leak from Downing Street, Ed Miliband shouted on Sky News, demanding to know how Prime Minister Boris Johnson “can lead the country.” 

According to a leaked email obtained by ITV News, Boris Johnson’s Principle Private Secretary Martin Reynolds invited over 100 Downing Street colleagues to a “bring your own booze” Party on May 20, 2020. 

Labour’s shadow climate change secretary, speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, voiced his utter surprise at the “flagrant” lockdown flouting bash and urged Mr Johnson to quit. 

Mr Miliband condemned the following: “I couldn’t really believe this story when it came out because it is so clearly a flagrant breach of the rules to invite 100 people to a party.

“It is at odds with what government was telling people, it is at odds with what the Prime Minister was saying only a few days later to a member of the public who asked him what should she do if she saw people in the park mixing with people from more than one person from other households!”

The former Labour leader continued by emphasising that the Prime Minister “cannot hide behind” the probe he has opened into alleged Downing Street security breaches, insisting that “he has to tell us” what occurred. 

The Labour Party’s MP slammed: “He will know if he was at the party or not. He has got to tell us was he at the party or not!”

He also questioned Mr Johnson’s capacity to lead, saying “he appears to have misled the House of Commons when he said no rules were broken by him.” 

He called the new disclosures “incredibly grave and incredibly serious”. 

On whether Mr Johnson was at the reported 100-person Party, Mr Miliband described the Prime Minister’s situation as “very difficult”. 

What kind of leader can urge people to heed public health recommendations if he has so flagrantly broken the rules! “A party invite!”