Lord Frost urges Boris to return to traditional Conservative roots or face losing the next General Election.

Lord Frost, a former Cabinet Office minister, has challenged Boris Johnson to return his Government back to historic Conservative values.

Lord Frost, who abruptly stepped down as Brexit Secretary last month, said Britain must “focus on rebuilding the nation and be proud of our history”.

He told the Mail On Sunday that a new pitch to voters based on “free markets, free debate and low taxes” was required.

He cautioned that a shift in “direction of travel” was essential to “get out of this little trough” and win the next election. 

Lord Frost resigned from the Cabinet in December, fearing new Covid limitations and the Government’s economic agenda, including a projected National Insurance rise.

In his resignation letter, he encouraged the PM to “deliver on the opportunities” of Brexit by transitioning to “a lightly regulated, low-tax, entrepreneurial economy” as soon as feasible.

Mr Johnson’s policies and senior staff should be shaken up, Lord Frost said late Saturday night.

“The PM has a right, when he wants something to happen, for the levers that he pulls to actually produce something,” he told the newspaper.

“And he has the right to the best possible advice around him. So I think there needs to be machinery changes, and there probably need to be some different voices around him to make sure that he gets the best possible advice.”

Lord Frost was first urged to wait until the New Year. After his resignation was revealed, he was pushed to resign immediately. 

According to a recent survey, Mr Johnson may lose over 100 seats in the next election due to a decline in support for his party in the “Red Wall” seats

Opinium polling published on Saturday showed the Tories regaining some lost ground, with 34% support compared to 39% for Labour.

But Mr Johnson’s personal rating remains low.