Immigrant rapist avoids deportation back to Afghanistan after Scottish Judge claim’s the Taliban would be enraged by his actions.

Because the Taliban ‘take a poor view’ of sex offenders, a convicted rapist has evaded deportation back to Afghanistan. When Ibrahim Ahmadi was imprisoned in Glasgow for preying on a sleeping lady, his refugee status was revoked.

He has now been granted the right to stay in the UK after judges determined that returning him to Afghanistan would enrage the hardline Taliban administration.

Despite the fact that two members of the Hazara ethnic group have been nominated to the new Afghan administration, the 29-year-old successfully claimed he would be persecuted in his country for being a member of the minority Hazara ethnic group.

According to the judges, it was “reasonably likely” that the Taliban would regard a person who had committed a violent sexual offence in a Western nation dimly.

The decision has prompted outrage. “This judgment is extremely concerning and suggests the human rights of a rapist are deemed more important than the safety of the public,” said Russell Findlay, Scotland’s Shadow Community Safety Minister.

“Most people couldn’t care less about his sob story on how the Taliban treat sex offenders. They would rather see him removed from our streets and put on the next available flight to Kabul.”

Ahmadi came to the UK as a 15-year-old in 2007, claiming to have been kidnapped by the Taliban but escaped.

In 2014, he was denied asylum but won an appeal and received an indefinite right to stay. He was arrested in Lanarkshire for threatening a lady and was granted addiction counselling in the same year.

However, he carried out a heinous sex assault on a 25-year-old lady while she slept in her apartment only months later.

He was found guilty of rape and sentenced to seven years in prison. On appeal, the term was lowered to five years. However, social workers reported that he remained to represent a severe danger to women.