“we can’t have mob rule,” Grant Shapps reacts to Colston Court case outcome.

After four people were found not guilty of criminal damage, a government official criticised the removal of the Edward Colston monument.

When asked about the latest court decision, the Transport Minister remarked, “We can’t have mob control as a path forward.”

Grant Shapps appeared on LBC Breakfast show with Nick Ferrari, saying: “We must live in a society where people can’t go around destroying public property and be able to walk away from it.”

“We are introducing via the police crime sentencing bill, new measures which would potentially plug a gap and make it absolutely clear.”

“If you want to take down a statue, if you want to change whats in the public realm, whats displayed, that’s absolutely legitimate.”

“I’ve got no issue of that cause, of wanting to change what represents your city, through statues or anything else.”

“But that is done through the ballot box, that is done through petitioning your local councillor.”

“Get yourself elected, do it the right way, we can’t have mob rule as the way forward.”