UK Black Lives Matter demonstrators who destroyed the Edward Colston statue in Bristol found “NOT GUILTY”.

During the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Bristol, southwest England, three men and a woman were cleared of committing criminal damage for assisting in the removal of a monument of a 17th century slave trading magnate and throwing it into the harbour. 

This city’s iconic bronze monument of Edward Colston was torn down as part of a worldwide anti-racism protest after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which had long caused issues in the port city.

The event sparked a nationwide discussion regarding monuments to persons associated with the slave trade or Britain’s colonial past, with some government officials claiming the move amounted to historical censorship. 

“We are ecstatic and stunned,” said Rhian Graham, one of four protestors found not guilty of criminal damage by a jury at Bristol Crown Court after a trial.

“We all have the ability to say how our space is decorated and who we venerate and who we celebrate and one thing that we know now is that Colston does not represent Bristol.”

Milo Ponsford, Jake Skuse, and Sage Willoughby, all in their twenties or thirties, were all found not guilty.