Meghan Markle awarded just £1 in damages after winning privacy violation court case.

According to court filings, when excerpts of Meghan Markle’s letter to her estranged father were published, she was awarded just £1 in damages.

Because of her wins in the courts of appeal and at the High Court, Meghan will get £1 in damages from the Mail on Sunday for the publication’s violation of her privacy. In court filings, this sum was listed.

Although its publisher, Associated Newspapers Limited, said it was contemplating an appeal to the Supreme Court last month, these records reveal that the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline have accepted defeat and will not seek to reverse the High Court judge’s verdict.

In addition to the minimal fee for invading Meghan’s privacy, the Mail on Sunday will pay an undisclosed amount for infringing on the Duchess of Sussex’s copyright by publishing significant portions of the letter she addressed to Thomas Markle Snr in August 2018.

Finally, the Mail on Sunday will be responsible for a significant portion of Meghan’s legal fees.

According to a spokesman for Meghan, the court wins showed the substance of both claims, and the financial remedies would be based on Meghan’s entitlement to an accounting of the newspaper’s earnings after her victory.

It was also said that the money would be given to a charity.