According to the EU, No one has cried a tear of sadness when asked about the Brexit Breakup.

According to a storey by Brussels writer Enrique Serbeto, EU officials and diplomats representing member states consider Brexit to be needless, Stating, no one has cried a tear of sadness over the EU-UK split. According to the report, Brexit is the most problematic aspect of ties between London and Brussels.

Dublin is said to be disappointed that the UK is still debating the matter, ‘particularly with Tory lawmakers exploiting Brexit to strengthen their ranks while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing internal issues.’ 

According to ABC, Lord Frost’s departure and replacement by Liz Truss signifies a shift in tone. The foreign secretary attends all bilateral committees supervising compliance with the Withdrawal Agreement and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which control UK-EU ties.

According to the ABC, Gibraltar will inevitably become a sticking point if the British insist on combining pragmatic realities with nationalist sentiments. Ms Truss has extended a deadline for discussions that were set to expire on December 31 because of the lack of progress on a post-Brexit arrangement.

According to the Foreign Secretary, her objective is to secure a deal in the first quarter of this year. Following a meeting with her Spanish colleague Jose Manuel Albares last month, Ms Truss said that the UK would continue to preserve sovereignty over the Rock.

According to ABC, the scenario is inescapable since it permits unrestricted immigration into any European nation through Gibraltar.