Belarus is converting its border with the EU into a “superhighway” for migrants according to a Political Professor.

According to EU officials, Belarus is converting its border with the union into a “superhighway” for migrants in order to harm the West. 

It seems probable that Lukashenko will continue to aggressively develop his border into a migrant “superhighway,” according to political scientist Professor Matthew Longo of Leiden University in the Netherlands. 

He told the Express that several nations surrounding Europe have become buffer states, or countries that absorb migrants from other parts of the globe.

“In strategic terms, you’d love it if the enemy never gets to your border because someone else has soaked up that harm.”

“In the US the border has always been north Mexico, and for Europe it’s always been North Africa and the Eastern European states, particularly the former soviet states like Belarus and Ukraine.”

“The cynical view says we have been using borders as a way to hurt states forever.”

“We’ve loved the fact that these places that we frankly don’t care about have to deal with the problem of migration, and ideally stop migration from getting to us.”

“It’s not remotely weird that an inspired autocrat would basically say, ‘F*** you to the west, no, you’re going to play this game too. If you’re going to make this into a buffer zone, let’s flip the metaphor and say that now, we’re going to turn ourselves into a highway.”

“‘We’re going to be the superhighway for people to get from wherever they are to you.’”

“Because in the Belarusian case, what is Lukashenko doing? He’s basically angry at the world and the international stage for saying that his election was fake, that his rule is illegitimate, and it sounds just like petty, small power politics.”