SNP and Green Party order Boris Johnson not to drill for oil on Cambo oil fields.  

MPs have expressed alarm over Nicola  Sturgeon SNP-led coalition’s “economic madness” after the Scottish government ordered no development on the Cambo oil field. 

After pushing against the development, the Scottish government was accused of failing to comprehend the significance of the gas and oil industries to the UK economy. Ms Sturgeon has been tight-lipped about her views on the oil field for months. 

Last month, though, she made it plain that she opposes the project after forming a coalition with the Green Party, which has fought against it. 

Shell’s withdrawal from the Cambo project on Friday was welcomed by SNP and Green MSPs. 

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“After extensive screening of the planned Cambo development, we have determined that the economic case for investing in this project is not strong enough at this time, as well as having the potential for delays,” the oil and gas business stated. 

Green MSP Patrick Harvie, a minister in Ms Sturgeon’s coalition administration, boasted about the setback for drilling the new oil field, saying it was “great the Cambo project looks like it’s on the skids.” 

DUP MP Sammy Wilson accused Ms Sturgeon of being forced to give in to the Green Party’s demands after the Scottish government refused to support Cambo. 

“The green tail tugging the SNP dog’s economic folly is going to cost Scotland dearly,” he continued. 

“Encouraging investment that creates employment, produces tax money, and provides opportunity for supply chains is one method to reduce regional disparity,” he stated in the Commons. 

The action, according to the DUP MP, would lose jobs, raise oil costs, and “make us more reliant on foreign suppliers.” 

Treasury minister Simon Clarke responded by saying the Scottish government’s position had left the Westminster government “disappointed.” 

“He makes a very important point about the significance of oil and gas to the UK economy, and especially to Scotland’s economy,” he added. 

“I’m sure my colleagues on this side of the House would agree with him that it’s critical that we assist the North Sea oil and gas sector to ensure its long-term prosperity.” 

I believe the SNP’s lack of support is a major disappointment and cause for worry. 

“What I would say is that the government is dedicated to supporting a net-zero transition.” 

Britain has set a goal of being net zero by 2050. 

To the west of Shetland lies the Cambo oil field. 

In 2001, a drilling exploration license was originally obtained in the hopes of producing hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. 

Drilling may begin as early as next year and last for 25 years if the project is authorized. 

“We continue to call on the UK Government, who have the authority to act in this situation, to promptly re-assess all granted oil permits where drilling has not yet begun against our climate commitments,” a spokeswoman for the Scottish government said.