Nigel Farage blasts France saying we’ve had “constant aggravation with France for at least 1,000 years,” Boris needs to tow the small boats back.

As Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron spar about Channel migrants, Nigel Farage has warned that Britain risks confrontations with France “on every front.” 

Britain and France are battling at each other “on every front” in the post-Brexit migration and fishing disputes, according to Nigel Farage

There has been “constant aggravation with France for at least 1,000 years,” Nigel Farage has said, citing Emmanuel Macron’s and Boris Johnson’s disagreements over small boat people traffickers. 

In an interview with Paul Murray on Sky News Australia, Mr. Farage stated: “It’s absolutely ridiculous because don’t forget, the EU itself has a massive problem because, in 2015, they said that anyone across the Mediterranean and set foot on EU soil would be allowed to stay.” 

“And then they were surprised that millions came so they have got their own problems with this.” 

“We’ve got battles with the French on every front.” 

“Look, we’ve had constant aggravation with France for at least 1,000 years.” 

“There’s nothing new in that at all,” he said. 

Australia’s handling of the migrant boats from Indonesia was also applauded by Mr. Farage.

He stated: “Indonesia didn’t welcome the boats back in 2012.”

“But Australia, towed them back there, and that’s exactly what the UK has to do.” 

“But if Boris does that, they’ll get condemned by the United Nations will get condemned by the European Union.” 

His friends in the climate change club would criticise him for it, and I don’t believe he has the courage to do it.”