Nigel doesn’t rule out a return to politics as he predicts three major national crises on the horizon.

As he considers a comeback to politics, Nigel Farage has warned that Britain is on the verge of a three-headed national catastrophe, including immigration, the NHS, and a significant rise in the cost of living.

The former Brexit Party leader, who is now the leading broadcaster on GB News, told the Sunday Express that he receives daily requests to return to politics in his inbox.

He told the Sunday Express that when he initially began documenting illegal migrant crossings over the English Channel 20 months ago, he was derided. But now, after 27 people died when one of the dinghies collapsed last week, he feels the UK is on the verge of a “national emergency.”

“I think it is possible that by the spring or summer of next year, this [the Channel crossings by migrants] will become a national emergency,” he remarked.

“I think the numbers that will come will dwarf what you are currently seeing. I’ve not been wrong on a single prediction on this.”

“We are heading for a national crisis,” he said.

“There are three key areas of our national life right now. The migration crisis, the looming health crisis and the cost of living. Those three issues trump everything.”

“Already we are being told you want a hip operation, drive 400 miles. An NHS that simply can’t cope, nobody dares own up to it.”

“Inflation is a disease of money caused by government.”

“This government is borrowing and borrowing. Even a Conservative budget foresees a deficit of £100 billion next year. Addiction to QE. Asset pumping the rich getting disproportionately richer. Nobody in Westminster seems to get it.”

With this, Nigel hasn’t ruled out returning to politics.

Nigel told the Sunday Express: “Never say never, I am going to think about it.”

“I get emails every day from people who want me to come back. I had 30 this morning.”

“I had one from a couple saying if you wish to do this again, Mr Farage, we will send you £1,000 of our hard-earned money.”

“Just an ordinary couple I have never met in my life.”

“I have also had some big donors who are more Conservative backers than Ukip backers by history, who are saying this is not a government that believes in the free market, not a government that stands up for the small guy, and will you consider a return?”

He pointed out that his previous Brexit Party, now known as the Reform Party, had a 4% approval rating.
“It’s amazing given that the brand name isn’t even established yet. Is there an appetite for something? Yes, there really is.”

“There is general disappointment,” he remarked.

“We have a Conservative government that is unconservative in every way, that is big state, is raising taxes, that laughably keeps saying it believes in lower taxes, you can’t say one thing and do the other.”

“Even deeper than that, the question is that it is motivated by followership, not leadership. It is utterly rudderless.”