LBC Radio presenter has a full-blown row with General Dominique Trinquand, a former aide to Emmanuel Macron – President Macron was “childish and churlish.”

In a heated live interview on Friday, Andrew Pierce slammed General Dominique Trinquand, a former aide to Emmanuel Macron.

President Macron was “childish and churlish” for not inviting Priti Patel to a conference to explore solutions for the Channel crossings, according to the LBC broadcaster. Since the sad deaths of 27 people in the Channel on Wednesday, the move signifies an increasing international crisis.

When General Dominique Trinquand abruptly brought up Brexit during a debate about the Channel, Mr Pierce was taken aback.

“The UK decided on Brexit,” he remarked, “but when you don’t want to apply agreement on Ireland, for example,” he said.

“Hang on, what’s this got to do with 27 people perishing in the Channel?” Mr Pierce interjected.

General Trinquand expressed his thoughts as follows: “Because Mr Johnson is using this catastrophe to show that he is independent.”

“But you have to coordinate this with Europe.”

The presenter of LBC retaliated once more: “So then why disinvite the British Home Secretary from a very important joint meeting? It is childish and churlish.”

A heated confrontation ensued when Mr Pierce accused the French police of “turning a blind eye” to the crossings.

“That was completely wrong,” General Trinquand said, before adding, “I am fed up with this nationalist reaction.”

Mr Pierce said to the ex-French general: “You should be ashamed of the reaction, of the French police turning a blind eye.”

“You gave the game away when you brought Brexit into the second sentence of the conversation.”

“You are talking about Northern Ireland, and what we are trying to talk about is trying to stop people drowning in the Channel.”

“We are talking about 27 people drowning, and you are talking about Northern Ireland.”